Fort Squidward Interior

It was an ordinary day battling nerds for control of the dreamscape. Shade, Chill, and Duke headed out to gather resources while Ed stayed behind to guard the base. Before they could gather any emeralds, they were all stolen by a member of the blue team. Chill reasoned that this was a good reason to destroy their bed first, and quickly set out to do just that. Luckily, the blue team was distracted and left their base. Having no tools, Chill began punching through solid end stone with his bare hands, and succeeded in destroying their bed. One of the blue nerds was killed by Duke, and the other tripped and fell into the void, eliminating the team. A few seconds later, green team's bed was destroyed by Shade.

Despite their initial triumph, something went wrong and their bed was destroyed by FireDragon_2006 of the yellow team. Shade sacrificed himself to push another nerd off a bridge as the bed was destroyed, Chill was knocked into the void while fighting FireDragon, and Duke fell out of the world, leaving Ed as the sole survivor. Assisted by the ghosts of his teammates on the whereabouts of yellow team, Ed began building a fort while shooting any would-be assailants off the map. Ed decided to build a giant wall to prevent nerds from using ender pearls.

PXPpanda was watching and preparing to teleport into the base, but accidentally dropped their ender pearl in the tall grass. Naturally, they decided that the grass had eaten the ender pearl instead of picking it up out of the grass and went back to their base to try again. The rest of yellow team simply vanished leaving Panda as the sole survivor. A few minutes later, Panda found the pearl but decided that it was too dirty to use now and threw it away, going back to buy a new one. Panda returned and threw the new pearl towards red base. The pearl flew through the air and crashed straight into the wall, teleporting Panda into the side and leaving them to plummet into the void, as Ed victoriously cried "FORT SQUIDWARD IS ALL BUT IMPENETRABLE".


Panda began coming up with a new master plan as Ed prepared for battle. Yellow's bed was destroyed and they began trying to predict how Panda would die. Shade suggested another failed ender pearl attempt, while Duke thought they would simply walk off the edge. Chill came up with an elaborate prediction of Panda getting fireballed on a bridge by Ed, landing back on the bridge, and then walking off in her confusion. Shortly after, Panda tripped and fell into the abyss below, with Duke winning the bet and red team emerging victorious against all odds.

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