A map of CrizMality 4.

The City (formerly known as CrizMality) is a Minecraft server owned by Kenn and previously Criz starting in the summer of 2014. During the time gap after the revamp from CrizMality 3 to 4, Skogkatten was used as a temporary replacement lasting until September 2015. After the death of Skogkatten, CrizMality 4 re-opened and most of the Skogkatten members flocked there. Eventually, Chill and Freeze got bored after a month or so they moved to Isailand instead led by top noob Isai.

CrizMality 4 went into an offline maintenance mode on April 30th to revamp the server for the 1.9 update. During this switch, 1.10 released leading to the creation of a new main world and further downtime. Due to Criz's increasing inactivity, Kenn took leadership of the server and renamed the server to The City to preserve Criz's legacy, despite his inactivity.

The City opened in beta-testing June 26th, 2016.


Original CrizMalityEdit

CrizMality was opened for the Summer of 2014 and was owned by Criz and Manimality. After the summer was over, the server eventually fell into inactivity.

CrizMality 2 and 3 were very short-lived and did not end up lasting more than a month or two.

September, 2015Edit

After Skogkatten melted faster than ice cream in a microwave, CrizMality was revamped as CrizMality 4. Chill and Freeze didnt rly like Crizmality tho and they campaigned to revive Skogkatten, to no avail. By November 2015, they moved to Isailand, named after Supreme Noob Isai.

The City Edit

CrizMality 4 underwent revamping for the 1.9 updated, which led to a new server due to 1.10, thus leading to The City owned by Kenn. B)


  • y'all use the city as your survival hub because memeland said 'heck no' to it's survival or something

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