This page serves two purposes: To both install PNP (Pretty Neat Pack) and provide a decently written guide as to how to quickly obtain resources to play PNP with relative ease. If you need specific help with installation, please talk to either Wonder or Ed.


To set up and run PNP, you need:

  • An Internet connection
  • A full version of Minecraft
  • A computer with 4+ Gigabytes of RAM
  • Forge Mod Loader
  • Pretty Neat Pack

Procedure Edit

Step One Edit

If you haven't already, run the default version of Minecraft to generate folder files necessary to install Forge Mod Loader. To do so is painfully simple: double click the minecraft executable, and click launch! When you get to the screen, you can either delay step two by a day by playing regular survival, or immediately close it and proceed to step two.

Step Two Edit

Download Forge Mod Loader 1.10.2 here. Choose the starred option and selected "installer-win." That will be an executable file. Once you download it, click to run and follow the steps on the launcher there. You can opt out of data collection.

Installing Forge Mod Loader will create folders to place mods in, as well as create a new profile which has "Forge" in the name. Keep this profile in sight as you will need to access it later on.

Step Three Edit

Download the Pretty Neat Pack here. Once installed, open the ZIP file and find the folder labeled "Mods." Then, hit the Windows Logo Key + R to bring up "Run," and type in "%appdata%". Doing so will bring up the directory where the a folder labeled ".minecraft" is. Navigate to there and find another folder labeled "mods." With that folder pulled up, drag and drop the mods from the Pretty Neat Pack (including everything in the PNP mods folder) into the .minecraft mods folder. By the time that is done, the ".minecraft" mods folder should be filled with the same mods and folders as the PNP mod folder.

Step Four Edit

Once the mods are in the correct folder, go back to the Minecraft launcher and launch the Forge profile. You will be able to determine if the mods are installed if there are multiple loading bars on the loading page with numbers and multitudes of mods loading in. Let it load, and if it crashes, proceed to step five. If not, proceed to step six.

Step Five Edit

If it crashes, go to your launcher options and enable "Advanced Options." Then, proceed to the forge profile and enable "JVM Arguments." If your computer has more than 4 gigabytes of ram, you should allocate ~2-3 gigabytes to Minecraft. To do this, replace "-Xmx1G" with either "-Xmx2G" or "-Xmx3G". The more gigabytes you wish to allocate, the higher the number shall go. If you wish to set a minimum amount of RAM for Minecraft to use, you can also replace the "-Xmn" argument with a higher number, but less than the max."

Step Six Edit

If you have loaded in, then congratulations, you are ready to play! You can request the server IP or you can play single player creative/survival to get a taste of what the PNP has to offer.

Tips Edit

  • Check off each step you completed to keep yourself organized.
  • If you tried all the above steps, contact Wonder or Ed.

Playing Edit

So, you got PNP installed, but you're thinking to yourself, "now what?" Well, we got you covered in that regard too!

Different routes to take Edit

In PNP, you can go several different ways in terms of playing the actual modpack. All of these involve work in some regard, and it is recommended to make your life easier you fulfill the requirements for a basic PNP set up. To fulfill these basic steps is your choice, but like many things, it starts with mining.

Route 1 Edit

The fact is simple: you will not be able to do much without starting with the basic furnace and crafting table. Making those and finding materials such as iron to make pickaxes is essential. Along the way, you may find other materials as well, such as aluminum, copper, osmium, or tin. Keep those materials, as they will be used in abundance later on!

To get a lot of the metals in the modpack, you will need to create machines. But, like all things that are machine, they require power. The simplest form of power to make is a coal generator. To make one, you must have an Aluminum wire, a furnace, three copper ingots, and four iron ingots, all of which you likely acquired during mining.

In PNP, the mod NEI (Not Enough Items) provides crafting recipes, so for simplicity's sake, we will not be providing a detail schematic. But, in total, the resource cost to make the generator is:

  • 8 cobblestone
  • 3 copper ingots
  • 4 Iron ingots
  • 6 wool
  • 3 Aluminum Ingots
  • Some coal to smelt the ingots down

Be sure you make extra wires and have extra coal to actually power the generator and connect it to our next machine: the metallurgic infuser!

Making a metallurgic infuser allows you to create steel, a material that allows you to create more machines from the Mekanism mod pack. A metallurgic infuser requires power to use, as well as a material to be placed in the purple slot to "infuse" the metal or material with. For making steel in this case, you will need coal. The ratio to make steel from iron is 2 coal pieces for every 1 iron.

To create the metallurgic infuser requires the following resources:

  • 16 cobblestone
  • 4 Iron ingots
  • 2 Redstone
  • 1 Osmium ingot

Once you have created, connect the back of the infuser to the wire, and voila! Power can be supplied to the infuser to create steel. The infuser will allow you create the metals necessary to access the rest of the Mekanism mod pack, as well as create circuits. From here, simply look at what you need to make in the NEI menu, and follow the necessary steps to create the items.

From here, it is recommended you create at least one other power source such as a wind turbine, that way, you can get an indefinite power source rather than having to spend materials to get power. Other alternatives include a more expensive but powerful gas-burning generator, solar panels, or other forms of generators.

Route 2 Edit

If creating machines isn't your thing, PNP offers another way to make it in life: farming! With Pam's Harvestcraft and AgriCraft, along with some other plants from Natura and Actually Additions, the potential to create and maintain and farm is as simple as collecting seeds!

There is no specific seed that is better than the other; the beauty of Pam's is that you can create food that offer more return than anything in default Minecraft! You can make a variety of things, such as sandwiches, cakes, burgers, etc., through the use of the modpack and some default Minecraft items like milk, steak, etc.

To expand your seed collection, one must venture into the world to find "Gardens," which are natural spawning places where you can obtain seeds to start your farm. A variety of vegetables can be found this way, along with some fruits. However, some nuts and fruits, like pistachios and lemons, can only be grown on trees, and an orchard must be created.

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