• Dynamic lighting
  • Connect minecarts with tripwire hooks
  • Sleeping until nighttime
  • doWeatherCycle gamerule Added in MC 1.11
  • Mob rare drops: Partially added in MC 1.9 (Loot tables)
  • Spiders: cobwebs
  • Endermen: eyes of ender
  • Creepers: tnt
  • Uncrafting
  • Functional bookshelves
  • Fire arrows burning flammable blocks
  • Killing a villager has a chance to spawn a zombie villager
  • Spiders attack bees and mobs trapped in cobwebs
  • Tag to make any hostile/neutral mob passive
  • Tag to make any mob tamed
  • Unique realistic ambience for different overworld biomes
  • Armor texture rework (ability to use jacket layers and unique textures for each arm/leg)
  • Extreme difficulty
  • Better AI for hostile mobs
  • Other fun features to make you hate the game

World generationEdit

  • Volcano biome Added in MC 1.16 (Basalt deltas)
  • Oases


  • Alligators
  • Bear variants
    • Black Bears
    • Grizzly Bears
  • BEES Added in MC 1.15
  • Ducks
  • Dolphins (that you can ride like horses!) Added in MC 1.13
  • Jellyfish
  • Pandas Added in MC 1.14
  • Penguins
  • Reindeer
  • Turkeys
  • Turtles Added in MC 1.13
  • Mimics (look like chests, attack when you get close)
  • Fish Added in MC 1.13
  • Lions
  • Tigers
  • Zombie traps (like skeleton traps but for zombies)
  • Sharks


Crafting MaterialsEdit

  • Flour (Grindstone wheat)
  • Salt (Smelt water)
  • Butter (two milk)
  • Fur (Dropped from polar bears)
  • Honey Drops Added in MC 1.15


  • Apple Pie (Apple + egg + sugar)
    • Golden Apple Pie (Golden apple + egg + sugar)
  • Cheese (four milk)
    • Pizza (three bread underneath one tomato and two cheese)
  • Cooked Pumpkin Seeds
  • Corn(Grown from corn crops)
    • Corn Seeds (Dropped from tall grass)
    • Popcorn (Smelted corn)
  • Hamburger (Steak between two bread)
  • Tomatoes (Grown from tomato crops)
    • Tomato Seeds (Dropped from tall grass)
    • Pizza
  • Chocolate (4 cocoa beans)
    • Chocolate Bar (Chocolate + Paper)
    • Chocolate Milk (Chocolate + milk)
    • Chocolate Cake (3 chocolate instead of milk)
  • Apple Juice (Apple + bottle)
  • Honey (Honey drop + bottle)
  • Poisoned food (food item + poison potion)
  • Iron Ring (four iron nuggets in hollow + shape)
  • Carrot Cake
  • Sugar Cookie
  • Gingerbread Man
  • Coconut (Dropped from palm leaves)
  • Sweet Potato
    • Sweet Potato Pie
  • Bacon


  • Backpacks Partially added in MC 1.11 (Shulker Boxes)
  • Hammers (Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond)
  • Fur clothes (Slightly better than leather)
  • Flint and Blaze (3x more durable than Flint & Steel)
  • Grappling Hook
  • Witch's Hat (Rare drop from witches)
  • Reindeer collar (rare loot, lets reindeer jump twice as high with no fall damage)
  • Functional clothing (provides no armor, can only be enchanted with unbreaking, gradually damage in use like elytra)
  • Diving helmet (permanent respiration)
  • Flippers (swim faster in water)
  • Ice skates (move faster in a straight line on ice)
  • Pet Whistle (crafted using 3 or 4 Iron Nuggets, using it makes all of your pets in a 25 block radius sit or stand up, useful for people with pet armies)


  • Seared Nether Bricks (Smelt nether brick blocks)
    • Seared Slabs
    • Seared Stairs
  • Iron bar gates
  • Japanese lanterns
  • Stairs/Slabs
    • Polished Andesite Added in MC 1.14
    • Polished Diorite Added in MC 1.14
    • Polished Granite Added in MC 1.14
    • Regular stone Added in MC 1.14
    • Dirt
    • Grass
  • Stone brick pillars (two chiseled stone brick)
  • Grindstone - crushes blocks/items (Circle of three stone slabs on bottom and five cobblestone with redstone in middle) Added in MC 1.14
    • Needs to be powered by redstone to work
  • Salt Block (9 salt)
  • Activated Redstone Lamp (Redstone lamp and redstone torch)
  • Barrels Added in MC 1.14
  • Liar Cake (Crafted like cake with TNT instead of egg)
    • Explodes after fizzing when eaten
  • Beehive (poisons you when broken, drops 2-4 honey drops and spawns BEES) Added in MC 1.15
  • Bee box (generates honey when BEES are near) Added in MC 1.15
  • Fishtank
  • Shutters (sideways trapdoors/half doors)
  • Lightning Rod (Attracts lightning strikes in storms, can charge nearby creepers/turn pigs to pigmen/etc)
  • Smooth stone stairs Added in MC 1.14
  • Swamp tree saplings
  • Wood pressure plates, bookselves, and trapdoors for all planks Partially added in MC 1.13 (all but bookshelves)
  • Stone brick walls Added in MC 1.14
  • Leaf pile (like carpet but leaf) (All leaf types)
  • Basalt, stairs & slabs Added in MC 1.16
  • Smooth, cobblestone, bricks Added in MC 1.16
  • Marble, stairs & slabs
  • Chiseled, bricks
  • Sand bricks
  • Cherry trees
  • Colored wood
  • Concrete Added in MC 1.12
  • Palm trees
  • Sleeping bag (Works like a bed but doesn't change spawn point)
  • Cloud
  • Redstone Transformer (Like a repeater but instead of boosting signal allows you to toggle how much strength goes through)
  • Stone-based signs
  • Cracked concrete blocks
  • Sand layers (like snow layers)
  • Decorative gold and diamond blocks
  • Trigger block (invisible block that acts like a pressure plate, only available in creative)
  • Mud
  • Dyed water



Partially added in MC 1.13 (Data packs)

  • 5 Leather + 1 String -> Saddle
  • Iron rings in armor shapes -> Chainmail armor


  • Rotten Flesh -> Leather

Potion EffectsEdit

  • Chilled (given from Strays, prevents natural health regeneration. Potion of Chilling brewed with snowball)
  • Shrunken (shrinks target down to half of their normal height and causes them to take more damage than normal)



  • Camouflage (Gives invisibility effect when not moving)


  • Heated (Automatically smelts items mined)


  • Decapitator (gives head of the mob or player killed)
    • Higher enchantment = higher drop chance
  • Frost (Gives chilled effect)
    • Higher enchantment = longer duration
  • Poisoned (Gives poison effect)

Bedrock featuresEdit

  • Snowlogging
  • Lava/potions/dyed water in cauldrons
  • More unique water colors for different biomes
  • Lodestone Compass texture
  • More advancements
  • Fatal Poison
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