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This page documents any weapons or tools that exist in the Memeworld world.

since edfan is da frikin ownah i guess he has access to everyone's echests and stuf so he has everything

Swords Edit

Germanian Broadsword/Munaydough Edit

The Germanian Broadsword is the original uber-op weapon of Memeworld, created by Rasp. It has the Sharpness and Knockback enchantments, both at level 32767 (max), dealing a total of 16391 damage.

The Broadsword was later modified by Penstubal as the Munaydough, but it basically does the same thing.

The caption on both the Broadsword and Munaydough is "Gott Mit Uns". A different version of the Broadsword reads "An inscription on the blade reads "Gott Mit Uns"".

Shaper of Talos Edit

The Shaper of Talos is a Skog-related diamond sword with Sharpness 1 and 281 remaining durability, kept in the Germanian Library for preservation.

Excalibur Edit

The Excalibur is a Skog-related diamond sword with Unbreaking 3, Sharpness 3, Knockback 2 and Fire Aspect 1. It has a durability of 1325 and is kept in the Germanian Library for preservation.

Imperium's Bane Edit

Imperium's Bane is a Skog-related diamond sword with Sharpness 2 and 591 remaining durability. It is kept in the Germanian Library for preservation.

Get Rekt Edit

Get Rekt is a wooden sword with Sharpness, Knockback and Fire Aspect all at level 1000. It used to be Chill's preferred weapon, but was replaced by LOVE.

Benis :DDD Edit

Benis :DDD(.....) is a diamond sword with Sharpness and Knockback level 50. ...Let's leave it at that.

Blade of the Illuminati Edit

The Blade of the Illuminati is a diamond sword with Sharpness 5.

Henry's Lucky Sword Edit

Henry's Lucky Sword is a golden sword with Sharpness level 4 and Looting level 2.

Lightsaber Edit

The Lightsaber is a diamond sword with Sharpness 10.

Excalibur IX Edit

Excalibur IX is a downgraded Excalibur with just Unbreaking and Sharpness 2, with 697 durability.

Noob Slayer Edit

The Noob Slayer (known as Holiday Spirit during Christmas time) is a diamond sword with Sharpness, Knockback, Fire Aspect and Looting level 1337. Its description reads "For killing Penstubal", which is its primary purpose, aside from making mobs drop a crapton of crap.

Axes Edit


LOVE is an unbreakable golden axe with a Sharpness, Knockback, and Fire Aspect 9001 enchantment that Chill uses. It replaced his previous wooden sword, Get Rekt. It was renamed Christmas Spirit during Christmas.

Puma dual-wields an earlier version of it that he uses whenever he needs to execute someone.

Dtools Axe Edit

Although the diamond axe given in /kit dtools is not given a specific name, it's still there and oddly has a durability of 781 every time you spawn it in, so it's worth noting.

Germanian War Axe Edit

The Germanian War Axe is a diamond axe that does everything the Broadsword does, except it's an axe and not a sword.

Dragon's Bane Edit

Dragon's Bane is a diamond axe with Efficiency 4 and 1158 remaining durability, kept in the Germanian Library for preservation.


FEEL THE BERN is a diamond axe with Sharpness 1000.

Top Benis :DDD Edit

Top Benis :DDD(.....) is a diamond axe with Sharpness level 100 and Knockback level 50. ...No comment.

Pickaxes Edit

Gigadrill Edit

The Gigadrill is a diamond pickaxe with Efficiency, Unbreaking, and Fortune all level one, and the caption of "The drill that pierces the heavens".[1]

Ashley Edit

Ashley is ULSK12's personal pickaxe... except it functions more as a weapon than a pickaxe, with the same enchantments listed on the Germanian Broadsword, plus Efficiency 5 and Fire Aspect 2. ULSK also made another one with Efficiency 32767 and Fire Aspect 32767 in hopes of combining the two but to no avail.

Stubal's Diamond Pickaxe Edit

Stubal's Diamond Pickaxe is a diamond pickaxe with Unbreaking 3, Efficiency 3, Silk Touch, and 352 durability.

Shovels Edit

Dwarf Edit

The Dwarf is a diamond shovel with Efficiency level 3 and the caption "Diggy Diggy Hole".[2]

Spoon of Doom Edit

The Spoon of Doom is a golden shovel with sharpness 1000.

Diggy Benis :D Edit

Diggy Benis :D(.....) is a diamond shovel with Sharpness and Knockback level 50. Let's not go any further than that.

Bows Edit

You're Fired Edit

You're Fired is Chill's personal bow, and is unbreakable. It replaced his earlier bow, Good Bones and Calcium, and is literally the exact same except for the name. It was renamed Jingle Bells during Christmas.

Fire Coconut Gun Edit

The Fire Coconut Gun is a fire bow with the enchantments of Power and Punch lv. 32767, as well as Flame level 999. It was generated by ULSK12, who didn't get the C-G meme at the time.

It used to be the strongest bow in Memeworld, but was later surpassed by the Sunglasslasher.

Sunglasslasher Edit

The Sunglasslasher is currently the most powerful weapon on Memeworld, with Power and Sharpness enchantments lvl. 32767, plus Punch level 999, Flame level 1, and Fire Aspect level 2.[3]

It is useful as both a melee and ranged weapon, however the only way to obtain it (other than someone else dropping it) is to press the button on the Toucon Boost Eyecon at the Bot Shop, which triggers a lot of annoying broadcasts that others will probably salt about.

Germanian Bow Edit

The Germanian Bow is a bow with Power and Punch level 32767, as well as Infinity. It is stored in a chest in the Germanian library and nobody actually uses it thanks to the introduction of the two bows above.

Puma's "god bow" Edit

Pumaslam owns a pair of "god bows" with the caption of "The bow that no one knew... Don't give it back to the gods.." It has Punch 1000, Unbreaking 1000, Flame 1000 and Infinity 1000 (possibly among other enchants, there's too many additional effects to read anything on the thing) as well as the additional effects that literally cover your view on everything of +100 Max Health and +1000 Knockback Resistance.

...yeah this doesn't actually sound like a "god bow", especially considering how uber broken the three bows above are.

Good Bones and Calcium Edit

Good Bones and Calcium is a bow with Flame, Punch, and Power all at level 9001. It used to be Chill's main weapon but was replaced by You're Fired.

You're a Big Guy/For You/Aerial Benis Launcher :DDD Edit

You're a Big Guy and For You are a pair of bows with Infinity, Punch level 50, and Power level 100.[4]

There's also one called the Aerial Benis Launcher :DDD(.....) with the same enchants.

MLG Edit

MLG is a bow with Power, Punch, and Flame levels 9001.

Karakuri Hengen Edit

The Karakuri Hengen is a bow made by ULSK12, although he's never actually used it thanks to the creation of the Fire Coconut Gun and Sunglasslasher. It has the enchantments of Infinity, Flame, Punch 2 and Power 5- although by Memeworld standards these are rather sub-par stats, the bow is made legitimately with anvils and enchantment books.

Armor Edit

Top Hat Edit

The Top Hat is the default Memeworld headgear, obtainable by /kit dtools. Its caption reads "Good day, Good day".

"I Survived the Salt!" T-Shirt Edit

The "I Survived the Salt!" T-Shirt is a shirt that was going to be given out at the unfortunately unfinished Memeworld park, and is the closest thing we have to a default Memeworld chestplate. It can be obtained at /warp park, or just copy the one at the Cactus Museum.

Toucon Boost Set Edit

The Toucon Hood, Toucon Parka, Boost Transient, and Boost Shoes are the set of armor that goes along with the Sunglasslasher. Unlike the Sunglasslasher, however, there is nothing special to this set of armor and it is just black and red leather armor. ('re really just going through the boost thing for the sunglasslasher tbh)

Trololarmor Edit

The Trololhat, Trololshirt, Trololpants, and Trololshoes are a set of diamond armor owned by ULSK12, all with Protection level 32767, Unbreaking level 3... and Thorns level 32767. If someone attempts to kill someone, that someone can change the attacker's gamemode to survival to take him/her down with him/her.

Germanian Crown Edit

The Germanian Crown is a golden helmet with the enchantment of Infinity(...) 32767 as well as the additional affects of +380 Max Health and +1000 Knockback Resistance. Its caption reads "Helm of the Germanian King. Rasp always wears it.

An earlier version of the crown simply has regular Infinity with no caption.

Wings of Germania/SwegGlider TM Edit

The Wings of Germania is an elytra with Unbreaking 32767 and the caption of, like the Broadsword, "Gott Mit Uns".

There's also the downgraded version, the SwegGlider TM, which only has Unbreaking 9001.

Santa's Armor Edit

Santa's Hat, Tunic, Pants, and Shoes are a set of Skog-related leather armor, all dyed red. It doesn't really do anything and is kept in the Germanian Library.

Crown of the Illuminati King Edit

The Crown of the Illuminati King is a golden helmet with Infinity for some reason.

Karma Boots Edit

The Karma Boots are leather boots with Protection 9001, Unbreaking 1000, and Thorns 1000.

Salted Pants Edit

The Salted Pants are a long-forgotten pair of white leather pants that can basically be considered default Memeworld leggings.

"Stubal Sucks" Set Edit

The "Stubal Sucks" Hat and "Stubal Sucks" T-Shirt are a set of armor that is sold at the "Stubal Sucks" Store in Billville. It's literally just leather armor, not even colored or enchanted.

Meme-Machine Sneakers 2.0 Edit

The Meme-Machine Sneakers 2.0 are blue leather shoes with Protection, Fire Protection, Feather Falling, Blast Protection, Projectile Protection, and Thorns all level 9001, plux Depth Strider level 10.

Speedy Shoes Edit

The Speedy Shoes are a pair of uber-fast iron boots with Infinity 127(?) on it and the caption "Gotta go fast!". It provides +100 Max Health and +5 Speed, making the user run at sanic speeds.

Iron Balloon Set Edit

The Iron Balloon Helmet, Armor, Pants, and Boots are a set of golden armor all with Unbreaking 100. Interestingly, each piece has a second enchantment, all being a type of protection, at level 100. The helmet has Fire Protection, the Armor has Protection, the Pants have Projectile Protection, and the Boots have Blast Protection.

Stubal's Armor Edit

Stubal's Diamond Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, and Boots are a set of diamond armor that was owned by Penstubal in the Survival World.

  • The helmet has Protection 2, Aqua Affinity, and 120 durability.
  • The chestplate has Unbreaking 3, Blast Protection 3, Thorns 1, and 224 durability.
  • The leggings have Projectile Protection 4 and 252 durability.
  • The boots have Feather Falling 3 and 186 durability.

OP Pants Edit

The OP Pants are a pair of pants with no visible additional effects, although it does have the caption "top meme".

Classy Shoes Edit

The Classy Shoes were created by ULSK12 to complete the Memeworld default set, making it default Memeworld footgear. It's just standard white shoes, and goes with the Top Hat, "I Survived the Salt!" T-Shirt, and Salted Pants.

They are currently exclusive to the Cactus Museum.

Etc. Edit

Arrow of Truth Edit

The Arrow of Truth is an arrow with Sharpness 50 that goes with the Germanian Bow. Nobody really uses it since we're in creative and have no use for arrows.

The Joker Edit

The Joker is a clownfish with knockback 20, originally from Skogkatten. There's a lot of places you can find it, such as the Cactus Museum, the Park, and the Germanian Library. Chill and Shade usually carry it around in their inventory.

Smack Tree Edit

The Smack Tree is an oak sapling with knockback 1000(?!).


EAT BREAD, PINHEAD is a piece of bread with sharpness 1000(...).

Something Fishy Edit

Something Fishy is a raw fish with Sharpness and Knockback level 20.

Death Cookie Edit

The Death Cookie is a cookie with knockback 1000, functioning the same way as the Smack Tree.

Top Kektus/Cactus Edit

Top Kektus is a cactus with Sharpness 9001.

There is also an alternative version called Cactus that does the same thing.

*poke* Edit

*poke* is a stick with Sharpness 9001 and thus functions the same way as Top Kektus.

Woody Edit

Woody is an oak wood block with Protection 10.[5] It was originally given to Chill on Skogkatten by Kenn for coming in second place in the Woodcutting Tournament.

  1. Reference to Gurenn Lagann, if you didn't know
  2. Reference to Diggy Diggy Hole, if you didn't know
  3. It should be noted that Flame and Fire Aspect do not do anything more after levels 1 and 2 respectively, and even if it did the opponent would be long dead anyways with those ridiculous Sharpness and Power enchantments.
  4. Reference to Bane, if you didn't know
  5. This might actually be useful, as /hat is a thing.
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