The Great Pumaslavia-Vynland War is a war that began in March of 2016 and continues to this day. While predominantly a cold war, tensions have escalated to the point of multiple threats of nuclear strikes by Pumaslavia to Vynland, mainly due to the largely contested area of Grassrock, the only natural border between the two nations. While Vynland wishes to have it for either territory for buildings or for having a leeway between borders, Pumaslavia wishes to use it for top secret purposes.

The war has been reignited following Vynland's declaration against Billville in December of 2016. In response, Billville and Pumaslavic joint military forces launched an assault on Grassrock with the newly reignited war machine.

Major Events Edit

Perhaps the precursor to the war was the terror attack on Vynland, committed by an unknown assailant on February 16th, 2016, the same day Pumaslavia was founded. While Penstubal suspected Chill, Tux, or Mario of blowing up the bunker, Pumaslam knows the blame would point to him, seeing as he constructed the bridge leading to the bunker. So, he fled north to the mountainous area of Slavia and never looked back. He did, however, construct massive walls, a railroad, and an obsidian blast shield to maintain solidarity from Vynnish forces.

In March, following the construction of Pumaslavia, Penstubal noticed how close Pumaslavia was to Vynland and promptly yelled at him for said closeness. He demanded a buffer zone be established to prevent "invasion, and it looks neater." Despite the objections Pumaslam had, he reluctantly agreed, marking the Fissure between Vynland and in front of Pumaslavia the Grassrock buffer zone.

Following major annoyances from Penstubal, Pumaslam decided to take over the buffer zone, declaring it rightful Pumaslavic territory in May of 2016, where it remained that way for about 2 months. In June, Vynland had enough, and officially declared a war over the territory. Despite the threats made by the country, none were acted upon. On the contrary, Pumaslavia did daily TNT firings toward Vynland.

In December of 2016, Penstubal declared war on Billville following the offer from Pumaslam to give Pumaslavia to Chill. As a result, Puma entered the war and re-militarized Pumaslavia (his improvement project was a front to distract Penstubal from a rapid buildup of forces) and attacked Grassrock, setting fire to it and launching Project Alra's first weapon, the Nilch Machine.

T.G.P-V.W: The Story Edit

Prologue: The Lone Kingdom Edit

Few say destiny can be changed, or that once you're dealing with it, that it's hard to escape it. For one, I can personally say that this is true. No one knows when I was brought into existence, or how I was created for that matter. All I know is that my king is Penstubal, and he is quite honestly a bad ruler.

I overhear the yelling that he makes, wanting us "villagers" to be protected. I for one disagree, seeing as how this "Chill" person keeps kidnapping us. I haven't heard from my brother in 5 weeks due to him. Those that are rescued wish they never came back. They hide amongst the dense foilage, looking north toward the barren mountains, hoping for someone to deliver us from the False King. You know a raid is coming when you hear their battle cry of "keks" and "tbh."

Then, he showed up.

He was tall with a fedora of sorts on his head and sunglasses. He wore a simple black suit and a red tie. He spoke of constructing a nuclear bunker, somewhere that we'll feel safe in. Is this really possible? Can this man provide to us what we deserve?

Construction started immediately, and we were instructed to wait until completion. It looked promising; a big entrance with blast doors and a decontamination walk put in. Everything seemed okay. That is, until the bomb went off.

In an instant, all the work was destroyed, and with it, our hope. Our King immediately blamed Chill for the blast, yet when I looked around for clarification, the man in the suit was gone. In the usual place where we had the mountains sat a big cannon pointed to us, as well as a manor being constructed. We thought everything was gone for us, that no one would help us.

That is, until the wall was built.

Chapter 1: Peace in Our Time Edit

They said something when we entered the country: "Pumaslam says his country is Peace in His time." I never got the full understanding of it until we got settled in.

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