The Pumaslavic Improvement Plan (PIP) is a plan proposed by some scrub to improve their country. Initiated in early 2016, the plan is a complex schematic of what Pumaslavia is to be.

Phase One: Architectural Revamp Edit

Phase One involves a complete architectural revamp of Pumaslavia, replacing most, if not all, iron structures with new ones reflecting Pumaslavia's new approach towards design and fundamentalistic ideologies. The plan is currently 10% complete, with two new structures built and a few iron buildings remaining. Following this, most structures will be evaluated and either demolished to make way for a new one, or revamped. 

In addition to this, Northern Pumaslavic architecture will be improved upon, resembling the style of the new Southern Pumaslavic architecture, but with it's own flair.

Phase Two: Skyscraper Evaluation Edit

Following the revamp, the Pumaslavic Skyscrapers will be focused on, and depending on the athmosphere of the revamped Pumaslavia, will either be demolished completely or changed to match the surrounding scenery. Currently, there are 4 skyscrapers in Pumaslavia: three iron and one stone. If they are demolished, appropriate buildings will take their places, corresponding to the scenery. There are plans to introduce theme-appropriate skyscrapers to Pumaslavia.

Phase Three: Railroad Revamp Edit

Despite Pumaslavia getting rid of it's railroad to the country just recently, there still is a very prominent railroad system within the country itself. Once a basic theme is settled upon, the railroads will be demolished and rebuilt on a centralized platform in the heart of Pumaslavia. Consisting of five lines on a single plane, the railroads will connect major points in Pumaslavia to each other. The middle "cargo" railroad will be deleted in favor of a two rail looped cart system.

Most existing stations will be kept.

Phase Four: Utopiatropolis Edit

With Pumaslavia obtaining land west of Billville, and with Billville rapidly expanding and threatening to annex some of the land, Pumaslavia will build a modern city to reflect the obtainment of the land. The purpose of keeping the land separate from Pumaslavia is to prevent theme mix ups. When the city is completely built, a decision will be made whether to keep it in Pumaslavia or make it a seperate entity.

Phase Five: Replanting Edit

When the land has been fully settled, any trees that have been uprooted will be replanted. An intense beautification process will take priority in this phase in an effort to appeal to the keen eyed and the critics. Finishing touches will be done in this phase.

Final Phase: Recommencement Edit

Finally, the country will be recommenced in the world. Simple as that really.

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