The United Republic of Pumaslavia, or Pumaslavia, is a kingdom owned and governed by Pumaslam, located in Memeworld. Represented by the color purple and black, it was founded shortly after Vynland in 2016, following a terror attack made to it. A totalitarian dictatorship, Pumaslavia is closed to many, including Vynland, whom is disputing the recently annexed Grassrock land area above it. 



The country has strong diplomatic ties to Germania, often assisting in policing Vynland, Billville, and the Sunflower Kingdom from daily antics. Many people admire and often times attempt to copy or steal the ideas and work from the country. For example, Vynland wanted to get a McChill's following the opening of one, and eventually everyone got in on the craze.

Notable companies include Puma Salts, owned by Puma Holdings, alongside Pen's Wearhouse and Puma King.

History Edit

Pumaslam created the nation in February following his exile from Vynland. Seeking the opportunity to create his own nation, he thought big and claimed the remainder of the island Slavia for himself, naming it Pumaslavia. Originally to be a small home with a TNT cannon firing to prevent invasion, it quickly turned into a massive passion project. A railroad and station was constructed, though not in common use due to an entrance through Vynland.


Puma Towers

Following the railroad's completion, he set his eyes on creating "quarters" where things would be housed. In turn, the military quarter was born. Consisting of a tank factory and two buildings for military use, it was small and mostly bland. It was constructed along a wall that stretched around the mountain area of the kingdom. A short while later, Puma Tower was born, the server's first skyscraper. Following this, he created Puma Spire, but by then, the Skyscraper craze had died down.
2016-07-08 23.43.08

The Military Quarter.


By this time, Pumaslam began to create a bunch of new improvements to the Nation, including the revamping of the centre of the city, as well as a pathway toward the city, thus officially opening up the city for everyone to enjoy. Alongside this, he constructed McChill's the first fast food place on Memeworld. Everyone instantly got addicted, and lost their chill. A short time later, Pumaslam constructed the tallest practical skyscraper on Memeworld-- Puma Towers. Standing tall along the Pumaslavic skyline, and able to be seen from the Cactus Kingdom, it's a testament to the ingenuity of the country.

Following this success, Pumaslam went east to create his farming land. Called Farmsworth, it consists of mainly plains, with a railroad intersecting the area. On the land, there is a logging company, a salt evaporation pool, a wheat farm, a potato, carrots and sugar farm, and a meat processing plant with a state of the art delivery system. Due to this, however, Penstubal got jealous and began his own expansion, only to be blocked by Pumaslam. In response to the expansion of Penstubal, Pumaslam went north, founding the village of Northsworth, a port complete with docks and brick architecture, as well as home to Mario's Olde Style Pizza. With Pumaslavia seemingly complete, Pumaslam seemed satisfied at his accomplishments.

Or was he?

Feeling trapped, he ventured far northwest and founded Snowfrost, a warbase colony primarily for training new recruits to the Pumaslavic military. Alone, he felt complete with his work. But others were quick to point out a lack of naval power. So, he went on and is currently constructing the Pumaslavic Navy Base and Port, to be completed in 2017.

In July, Pumaslam committed the Ambadi Obama Massacre, promptly leading to condemnation from both Vynland and Cactus Kingdom. In return, the government held a coup and ousted Pumaslam, replacing him with a new leader, P|_|maslam. The new leader vowed for democratic change and justice for the villagers.

Lore Edit

Pumaslavia existed as a kingdom over 1,000 years ago as the Greater Slavic Empire, which spanned from present-day Germania all the way down to The Closet and formed by conquering the divided tribes. Disgruntled by the government, however, the Germanians split off from the Empire, leaving the continent of Slavia and the lower Swamp regions to the Empire.

500 years later, they established the warbase and capital of Northernport, which stands to this day. A massive road was established along the empire, known as The King's Path, which led directly to the capital. The main kingdom, Slavia, was walled off from the rest of the empire with a massive wall and mountains. Within the Empire, the denizens practiced meme magic and developed two branches of magic: Dark Arcane and Light Arcane, led by the Midnight Sun and Knights of Cydonia, respectively.

A protocol was made 400 years before the fall of the Empire through the Ritual of Archon, in which a cape bearing the (then) flag was to be worn by the leader, symbolizing power. The cape was kept together by a locket that would only open to the King.

Approximately 100 years prior to the Empire's fall, the Midnight Sun tried to disrupt the balance of Arcane power with the Knights of Cydonia, leading the Cydonians to exile themselves into the island of Cydonia, their current home and proclaimed source for Light Arcane from the mythical Starwell.

Military Edit

Pumaslavia has one of the biggest militaries in Memeworld, boasting hundreds of tanks and over one thousand missiles. In addition to this, their border is heavily fortified from the front to prevent Vynnish invasion, while having an open border with Germania. Their uniform consists of black chest and pants pieces, with purple shoes. Alternatively, a black helmet can be worn, but isn't required.

List of Military Devices Edit

  • PSM-10412- "The Executioner": A sweeper cannon capable of destroying a wide area of land. Currently being tested at the Navy warp.
  • PSM-910- "The Punisher": A four barrel TNT cannon with the capability to fire to the Sunflower Kingdom. Developed on accident.
  • PSM-811- "Thunderbird": Pumaslavia's main fighter jet, capable of firing flame rounds and dropping a TNT payload.
  • PSM-796- "The Handler": A missile produced by Wonder Rockets INC., it can travel for an infinitely long distance before hitting it's target. Primarily used for preemptive strikes. 12 TNT blocks are on the missile, and the impact radius is roughly 10 blocks.
  • PSM-680- "The Globalist": A large tank megacarrier donated by Germania to Pumaslavia, then retrofitted for active service. Currently being retrofitted again to carry missiles in it's main cargo bay. Able to go over most terrain.
  • PSM-460- "Lightning Wolf": A single barrel large tank made to quickly fire and move across the battlefield. It was one of the first ever made by Pumaslavia.
  • PSM-347- "Thunder Wolf": A double barrel tank with Deep Range Sonar Blaster Systems equipped alongside the regular barrels. It was primarily made for snow-based combat to induce avalanches. They usually fight along Lightning Wolf Tanks to finish off anything left behind.
  • PSM-229- "Suicide Run": A mass-firing, short range TNT cannon that destroys both the firing base and anything within a 5 block radius of the primer fuse. Good for destroying all types of walls.

Diplomacy Edit

Pumaslavia normally maintains strong relations with Germania, being one of their closest allies, and shares an open border with them. Despite the Illuminati Kingdom's wall building efforts, Pumaslavia regards them as an ally too, often siding with them on many issues. The Sunflower Kingdom and the Cactus Kingdom hold alliances with Pumaslavia as well. While Pumaslavia sees Vynland with a negative light, they tolerate them so long as they do not threaten Pumaslavia.

Pumaslavia regularly threatens world domination (which can be a reality) if they are not appeased. While nations such as Cactus and Vynland have stood up against it, most nations are mainly relaxed about it, which is what Pumaslavia desires. In addition, their Expansionist ideology has come under fire by Vynland due to denying the fledgling nation much needed land, while taking up an area of Vynland for a simple mansion. Particularly causing tensions between the two countries was the area of Grassrock, which Vynland claimed as its rightful land while Pumaslavia sought to create a base there but was unable to as a result of the aforementioned tensions.

Transportation Edit

The primary method of getting around Pumaslavia is by walking. A secondary method is to use Horses or railroad. While not all of Pumaslavia is accessible by those two methods, most of it can be reached by them. In addition, PUMAloop, a high speed railroad service, has been unveiled and is currently under construction. It will connect the subway station with New Port City, Pumaslavia's northernmost city.

Politics Edit

Pumaslavia is ruled by an Emperor that is democratically elected. Previously, it was a dictatorship, until revolutionaries dissolved the government and remade it. On August 26th, 2016, a new Emperor was elected. Known only as The Globalist, his staunch and imperialistic policy for unifying Memeworld under his banner made him infamous very quickly.

Architecture Edit

North Pumaslavic Architecture is based after architecture from 19th century New York. North Pumaslavic architecture is mainly brick buildings with a dark oak plank ceiling.

South Pumaslavic Architecture is mainly futuristic and most buildings in South Pumaslavia are made of iron blocks and have a futuristic design to accompany that material.

To the southwest, however, the architecture shifts from futurism to a bright 19th century San Francisco architectural style, consisting of bright external colors and white pillars with two levels of eaves on them.

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