Germania is a large empire to the far north on Memeworld governed by EDFan12345. Unlike other kingdoms and settlements, it is medieval-themed and has a strong RP element to it. Signs indicating RP sites are marked by either a [!] symbol or within * marks. Germania is generally accepted to be the most detailed nation on the server.


Construction of Germania began in early December 2015 at approximately the same time as Vynland. EDFan traveled far to the north so he could build in peace, away from the other noobs on the server. The first major construction was the blasting away of the mountain that would later become Castle Germania using TNT. After crashing the server several times (which may or may not have in fact just been Isai's incompetence), the main hall was carved into the mountain and Germania (then known as Stone City) was officially founded. At that point, Germania was intended to be entirely contained within the mountain as a subterranean city, but this idea was discarded when EDFan began converting it into his castle.

Germania City was constructed four separate times. The first time, it was a single building that was deleted when Isai was being a scrub and stopped hosting the server. Ed later reconstructed the town in a single player version of the world that he uploaded as the main Memeworld save. The town was rebuilt a third time into a more medieval-looking village, which it remained for several months. Germania City was rebuilt a fourth and final time into its current city, which is larger than all of its previous iterations. Several houses were saved, however, and pasted in several locations around Germania.

The only way to get to Germania from spawn at this time was by a railway line, the longest on the server. The rails were far above the ground, and cut through both the Cactus Kingdom and Pumaslavia (as the line was built before either of these two countries) before making a 90 degree turn towards Germania. Initially made out of sandstone, the line was later turned to stone brick after exiting the spawn desert in order to better fit the country's aesthetics. Ed was eventually the first person on Memeworld to remove his railway line to spawn since it was in the way of the path he wanted to build. This later caused Stubal to salt because he was the only person to actually use it. The railroad's functionality was replaced with a small cart near the sub that teleports people to an identical cart in Germania.


Germania is a medieval kingdom that stretches from the center of Shrek's Swamp to the shores of the Ceres Ocean. Overall it makes up an area of over 550,000 square blocks which makes it the largest country in Memeworld. Germania directly borders Vynland and Pumaslavia, with the rest of its borders being vague frontier or coastline.

A series of roads criss-cross the Germanian countryside known as the Attavic Highway. These roads connect every major settlement within Germania, As of June 2019, it is possible to walk on foot from New Blocky City to the north-westernmost settlements in Germania. Similarly, with the construction of a number of canals and tunnels, maritime travel between most of Germania's waterways and each ocean is possible.
Germania Roads

All current and planned roads within Germania


In addition to the general Memeworld """canon""", Germania has its own lore that ties it with some of Ed's other projects such as Heaven and Telanir.

Germania has close ties to Telanir, with a Telaniri embassy existing near Germania City.

Major LocationsEdit

Castle GermaniaEdit

The first location constructed in Germania, the castle is carved into a mountain and is home to a large number of rooms. Henry the Golem stands guard near the entrance to the castle, scrutinizing every visitor without saying a word. In the main hall of the castle is the castle merchant, entrance to the Smithy, Throne Room, and several hallways.

The throne room is located up the main stairs, and is one of the largest rooms in the castle. It is filled with Germanian flags, suits of armor, and the main throne. To the side is the primary dining hall, which is linked to the castle's kitchen through a side hallway.

Near the main entrance is the main hall, through which the castle theater and secondary halls can be accessed. Also through this hall is another hallway which leads to a side entrance of the castle, through which the ballroom can be reached. The ballroom is the only separate external building of the castle, and overlooks the dark oak forest. Below the ballroom are the catacombs which extend deeper into the mountain.

The castle library is located through a hallway near the end of the throne room. It is filled with many stories and tomes, some of which written by the residents of Memeworld. There are also chests filled with many unique and named items and artifacts, along with recovered items from Skogkatten. Near the library is the castle garden which overlooks the castle entrance.

Because parts of the castle have been redesigned several times, there are many inaccessible rooms and hallways that have been sealed or built over.

Cities and TownsEdit

The largest settlement in Germania, filled with numerous detailed houses and the Germania Keep. Nearby is a large cathedral, vineyard, and dockyard.
Germania City
Across the bridge from Castle Germania is a village home to many small houses.
Stone City
[[File:|250x250px|center]]Located next to Germania City, Montfort is a walled city with its own keep, several houses, and a pumphouse which runs water from the lake to a small canal within the city.
A town in the Wynderwyn Woods, filled with several houses, a chicken coop, and a small stream.
[[File:|250x250px|center]]A druid town deep within the dark oak forest north of Oakhearth, with houses built into the hill sides and several magical structures.
Sleeping Bark
A small village north of Germania, filled with several farms and houses as well as the Fournier Manor. A path leads through the village to either Sleeping Bark, Adria, or towards Germania.
[[File:|250x250px|center]]A fishing village on the coast of the Ceres Ocean. It has numerous buildings and docks, and several ships in the bay nearby.
[[File:|250x250px|center]]A small town located directly south of Nordenburg, with its own keep and a bridge over the river.
A city rivaling the size of Germania to the east. It is the most populated city on Memeworld with over 30 houses, and is home to its own massive farms.
A small town to the northeast of Germania with several houses and a large castle.
A small town on the coast of Lake Adria, located between Leuvaarden, Reinbeck, and Nordenburg. It is home to a large lumber industry, supplying the rest of Germania with timber.


[[File:|250x250px|center]]A town within the mountains near Chateau Von Frankenstein, with a large church and several houses. In the tavern's basement is a fighting ring popular among the Germanian people.
[[File:|250x250px|center]]A walled city located in Shrek's Swamp
[[File:|250x250px|center]]A city of mages and wizards built in former Vynland territory. It is the southernmost city within contiguous Germania.
Untitled Magic City™

Other LocationsEdit

A small dockyard near the entrance of Germania, with a small riverboat and fisherman's shack.
Swamp Docks
Nestled into the mountainside, Fort Stormcrow is one of the numerous forts near Germania.
Fort Stormcrow
On top of a nearby mountain, Wyvern Rock possesses a small training yard, barracks, and other equipment for the fortress guards.
Wyvern Rock
A large farm located north of the city of Germania. Much to Penstubal's dismay, it is nearly the size of the main area of Vynland. It is home to several small farmer huts.
Germania Farms
Fort Itter Shaders
Located across the lake from Adria, Fort Itter is an outpost for the Junavos Hospitallers and serves as a guard tower for boats passing to and from the Ceres Ocean.
Fort Itter
A large fortress to the north, mostly in ruins from sheer age.
Magna Germania
[[File:|250x250px|center]]An abandoned manor deep within the dark oak forests to the north, said to be haunted.
Ironleaf Estate
A large steampunk manor to the west of Castle Germania, surrounded by a strange and haunted forest.
Chateau Von Frankenstein
[[File:|250x250px|center]]Built by the Dwarves, it is a hidden underground room consisting of a great Oculory. Kagurmez is suspected by scholars to sprawl much deeper than is currently known.
A small festive location in the Wynderwyn Woods, where one can sample several alcoholic brews from across the world.
Beer Garden
A giant worm on the outskirts of Shrek's Swamp. Despite his large size and act of tearing up the path, he is harmless and quite friendly to passerby.
The Worm

Non-lore friendlyEdit

[[File:|250x250px|center]]A large underground facility accessible from Castle Germania, where many important books, items, small builds, and other such artifacts are held. It is the only non-medieval build in the kingdom due to its server-wide importance.
The Archives
[[File:|250x250px|center]]Located north of the Sponge Kingdom, Ed's mansion is a large building that serves as his home. It is the farthest east portion of Germania.
Ed's Mansion
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