The Town of Castlemore (commonly known as just Castlemore) is a small town located some 200 blocks southeast of Sunflower and west of Woodland. Its mayor is TuxxedoCat, who founded it in early June 2016. The town was originally just a mansion, but eventually expanded into a small community of testificates and other creatures.


The town was first founded in early June 2016, after Tux was tired of Sunflower and wanted to finally build something proper. Originally, it was just going to be a small mansion in the forest, and was some 8000 blocks from spawn. After a short while, when the mansion was almost finished, Tux felt that it was too far from spawn, and as Rasp said a world border would be enforced soon (it never was), Tux decided to move the mansion from its original location to a location closer to spawn. Previously, the location of Castlemore was occupied by PleasantVille, a failed project to build a medieval city by Tux, started in March or April, that never got further than the city hall and a small marketplace. Tux had agreed to sell PleasantVille to Chill, however, the deal was cancelled after Tux decided to go forward with the move of Castlemore.

After moving the Castlemore mansion, a wall was built around it and shortly after more additions to it appeared, like a hedge maze behind the mansion and a horse stable, farm, and a gazebo on the lake pond next to it. However, Tux felt that just having a mansion was sorta lame, so he decided to expand Castlemore from just a mansion into a small town. He built some roads, and then started constructing buildings.


March 2016PleasantVille founded in the area where Castlemore stands today
June 2016Castlemore founded
July 2016PleasantVille demolished and Castlemore moved to its location
July 2016-presentExpansion



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