The Bot Shop is a location in Memeworld. Placed approximately in the middle of nowhere, it is independent from any of the other kingdoms. Its sole purpose is to create and distribute giant robots.

History Edit

The Bot Shop is located in the Ice Spikes biome, the exact one that Penstubal wouldn't let go of. After causing multiple idiotic issues with worldedit, ULSK12 finally decided to start building stuff. Except unlike the rest, he wasn't building statues or buildings, he was making robots.

Other users liked it, so he eventually began distributing them with the same power he used to inadvertently cause trouble(read:worldedit). Sales began with two distributions: one in Pumaslavia and another... somewhere in Chill's residence. (There's also used to be above New Blocky City, but it wasn't a requested delivery.)

Bots Edit

Setless Edit

no set

Small Edit

  • Pumabot: A small robot with a pilot's seat and working redstone, created by Pumaslam. The model at the Bot Shop is the 1.1 model that allows projectile fire, while the one in Pumaslavia is a 1.2 model remodeled by Pumaslam with better redstone.
  • Brickzooka: A robot made of bricks with two rocket launchers to fire stuff at other stuff.

Medium Edit

  • Grand Dad Tron 1000: A prototype robotic Grand Dad, modeled after the base design of Shurikenjin.

XL Edit

  • Robbie Robot: A remodel of Trainbow made to look like Robbie Rotten. Saxophone and net launcher included.

Etc. Edit

  • End Ship: Stolen from pen -v-
  • Robopen/Botstubal: Originally the original Penstubal statue, later modified into Robopen by Rasp
  • Terminator Pen: A modification of Robopen.
  • Toucon Boost Eyecon: Something with a bunch of complicated redstone command blocks stuff idk
  • Toucon Boostubal: STUBAL GA BOOOST
  • Mugen Penstubal: KEEP SALTING!
  • Houdini Chill57181: KOKKEI-IJAN! SUGEE TURORUMAN!

Ninjaseats Set Edit

A set of ninja robots i think that have chairs and inception

Small Edit

  • Shinobimaru: A small (relatively speaking) robot
  • Rodeomaru: The same thing as Shinobimaru but blue :D

Medium Edit

  • Shurikenjin: A warrior-type robot equipped with a sword and shield. Has two exposed seats on the lower torso.
    • Shurikenjin Paon: Elephants and axes and stuf idk
    • Shurikenjin UFO: Flying with ufos and stuf idk
    • Shurikenjin Surfer: Hoverboarding and stuf idk
    • Shurikenjin Dino: Dinosaurs and drills and stuf idk
  • Bison King: A gunner-type robot with a gun w/ bayonet. Has an exposed pilot seat on its head.
  • Gekiatsu DaiOh: A fire-type robot with barefist combat. Has an exposed pilot seat on its head.

Large Edit

  • King Shurikenjin: A large warrior robot equipped with a huge sword. Has four exposed seats, two on the head and two above the legs.
  • Lion HaOh: A lion robot with a pair of shuriken weapons. Has a single exposed-yet-fancy pilot seat on its chest.

XL Edit

  • HaOh Shurikenjin: A gigantic tank robot with two huge cannons. Has four seats, one on the top, two at the center and one at the rear. (Technically you can still sit in the lion head, but it's been closed up so you'd suffocate.)
  • HaOh Gekiatsu DaiOh: A version of HaOh Shurikenjin with Geki replacing Shuri. Has a seat on its head and on its rear.

Totembots Set Edit

Totems + bots = flippin' awesome

Large Edit

  • ZyuOh King/Totembot: A large totem robot. ZyuOh King is its official name, but around Memeworld it's just called Totembot. Wields a sword and has no pilot seats.
  • ZyuOh Wild/Totembot 2.0: A different version of Totembot with a gun instead of a sword.
  • Condor Wild/Evil Totembot: Evil? EEEEEVIIIIIIIIIIILLL!!!!!

Near-XL Edit

  • Tousai ZyuOh/Totembot 3.0: A special-type totem robot with large shoulders with nine seats in each.

XL Edit

  • Wild ZyuOh King/Super Totembot: An even bigger totem robot that is more dank than before, with a bigger sword and really large shoulders.

XXL Edit

  • Wild Tousai King/Ultra Totembot: A gigantic totem robot with a bunch of extra stuff that makes it even more dank.


  • Wild Tousai Dodeka King/Ultimate Totembot: The highest quality totembot that is also YUUUUUUUUGE.

Headrobots Set Edit

Special robots with Memeworld heads.

Medium Edit

  • CPWN Gosei Great: Default. ULSK12 + RaspingLeech + Cvolton + TuxxedoCat + Mario_Rk + DukeofHoth
    • Salt Gosei Great: Combination with the Salt Team, consisting of Pumaslam, Chill57181, rougeman, and Penstubal.
    • Anon Gosei Great: Combination with the Anon Team, consisting of Fruck, egyptianankh, and Supergirl_IRL.
    • Mirco Gosei Great (for lack of a better yet non-offensive name): Combination with Mirco's Team, consisting of MircoFox, lilbitlaur, and Dewchess.
    • Meme Gosei Great: Combination with the Meme Team, consisting of GRAND DAD, Mr. Skeltal, SpidermanDeadpool, Trump, Shrek and Doge.
    • Ender Gosei Wonder: The Ender Wonder replaces the ULSK/Rasp Dragon, and each of the heads- Enderman, Ender Dragon, Shulker, Endermite, Silverfish, and Guardian- replace all the default heads.
  • Bed Stealer Hyper: bed stealer goes super saiyanThe City Team, consisting of THE_BED_STEALER, KennV, and Feey1, combine with the (unofficial) Meme Machine.
  • TSF Gosei Ground: tbh smh fam + Snow Golem + Wither Skeltal.

Medium Large Edit

  • Hyper Gosei Great - Memeworld Edition: Something special ;)
  • TSF Ground Gosei Great: ULSK12 + RaspingLeech + Cvolton + TuxxedoCat + Mario_Rk + DukeofHoth + tbh smh fam + Snow Golem + Wither Skeltal + GRAND DAD/Pumaslam/MircoFox/Fruck.

Large Edit

  • Serber Gosei Ultimate: Mathlimma + BlockyIndustry + rrhim + Grassman_VI + joehyunpark

Etc. Edit

  • Machines:
    • ULSK/Rasp Dragon (rasp head stored inside, can be swapped with ULSK)
    • Volt Shark
    • Duke Bird
    • Mario Snake
    • Tux Tiger
    • Meme Machine (unofficial)
    • tbh smh fam Tank
    • Snow Airship
    • Wither Skeltal Submarine
    • Ender Wonder
    • Serber Ultimate Spaceship
  • Head Sets:
    • Salt Team
    • Anon Team
    • Mirco's Team
    • Meme Team
    • City Team

Trainbots Set Edit

i liek trainz

Medium Edit

  • ToQ-Oh/Trainbot: Red + Blue + Yellow + Green + Pink equals idk
  • DieselOh/Trainbot 2.0: Crimson + Orange + Cyan equals idk
  • Build DaiOh/Trainbot 3.0: Orange + More Orange equals idk

Medium Large Edit

  • Cho ToQ-Oh/Super Trainbot: Red + Blue + Yellow + Green + Pink + Crimson + Orange + Cyan equals idek

Large Edit

  • Cho Cho ToQ DaiOh/Ultra Trainbot: Red + Blue + Yellow + Green + Pink + Crimson + Orange + Cyan + More Orange + Even More Orange = idek.... oh also this thing looks like a cluttered mess
  • Hyper Ressha TeiOh/Trainbot 4.0: Gold + More Gold = idek

XL Edit

  • ToQ Rainbow/Trainbow: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Sales Edit

  1. Pumabot, distributed to Pumaslam
  2. HaOh Shurikenjin, distributed to Chill57181 (used for his secret project, later destroyed during a TNT accident)
  3. HaOh Shurikenjin, distributed without request right above NBC (later removed)
  4. Totembot 2.0, distributed to Penstubal
  5. Shurikenjin, distributed to Spawn (later removed)
  6. Memeworld Gosei Great, distributed to Penstubal
  7. Memeworld Gosei Great, distributed to Spawn (later removed)
  8. Memeworld Gosei Great, distributed to Chill57181 (used for his secret project)
  9. Toucon Boost Eyecon, distributed to Spawn (later removed)
  10. Anon Gosei Great, distributed to DukeofHoth
  11. Robbie Robot, distributed to Chill57181
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