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Isai claims that he regularly browses 4chan and is addicted to it,[1] but provides only basic information about the boards he claims to browse. He was clueless when asked simple questions about the site's word filter, resorting to looking it up on Reddit.[2] Isai also spouted generic """""memes""""" to try to seem like he knew what he was talking about.[3][4]

Isai also said Ed was correct when he asked if Isai liked the trap content on 4chan's /b/ board.[5]


Broken websitesEdit

Isai often provides links on IRC to websites that he "owns", however the links usually don't work. He often tells Mario that Chrome is outdated which is why it can't visit the website, even when it's completely up to date.


Club PenguinEdit

There have been several lies PRANKS, JOKES & MORE related to Club Penguin.

  • Isai claimed he was banned from Club Penguin for "Unauthorized Purchases", which was supposedly cancelling his membership.[6]
  • Isai claimed he couldn't access his puffle backyard because he was a non-member.[7] Quackerpingu soon proved this false by accessing his own puffle backyard without a membership.[8]
  • The day after the closure of Club Penguin was announced, Isai claimed that he found out about it because it was on the news ticker on CNN.[9]


Death of FreenodeEdit

On the 14th of June, 2016, Isai claimed that Freenode was dying and that it's basically falling apart.[10] When asked for proof, Isai said he would post screenshots but still didn't several minutes later, which he blamed on his slow internet.[11] Penstubal went on #freenode to fact check this claim, and got this response, confirming it was a lie:

Penstubal: let me clarify this: freenode isn't dying, and whoever told you that is relying on false information by other users. It's just a perception. It isn't true.

It should be noted that this is the only lie PRANK, JOKE, & MORE! on this list that was not Isai's fault, he was merely relying on faulty information. However, it is possible that he already knew it was false, as the commotion on #freenode shown in Isai's screenshots had stopped and the channel was completely dead.


Fidel Castro's sonEdit

In 2014, when Miron asked Isai if he was Fidel Castro's son, Isai quickly responded with "Yes, I am Fidel Castro's son." Later Isai claimed that he was neither Fidel Castro's son nor grandson.[12]


Google Play Store BouncerEdit

In 2014, Isai used to constantly claim he got a bouncer from the Google Play Store. Many dismissed it as bogus.[13]


IsaiBot & IsaiLoggerEdit

In 2014, Isai claimed that IsaiBot and IsaiLogger were respectively a bot and a logger. It was quickly disproven after noting IsaiBot's humanly response time to simple commands. Because of this, IsaiLogger was quickly disproven and kicked by #clubpenguinwiki-shops channel operators. Later, Isai confessed and admitted IsaiBot and IsaiLogger were both fake.

On July 20th, Isai claimed that he now has a real bot.[14] That was proven as he brought on his real bot, with working commands, on a channel owned by Miron.


Isai hosted a creative Minecraft server called Isailand. There have also been many lies PRANKS, JOKES & MORE related to Isailand. The creation of Isailand would be the dawn of his good reputation, only to quickly fall after failing to meet the users of Isailand's requests.

  • Isai would occasionally joke to Isailand's users that Isailand's files were lost or it was being reset with a new map. This would work until some of the users started to suspect Isai using it as an excuse.
  • While Isailand is down, he would sometimes disappear completely whenever someone asked him to bring it back up.


In 2014, Isai constantly claimed that he has an IRC network called Isainode, and that he bought the domain "". did not exist, and neither did his network. When asked for a link, he provided a non-existent one, or wouldn't respond.

This finally came true in 2015 when he got his own IRC network, and a few CPWN members have been on it.


Liar No MoreEdit

Isai once claimed he doesn't lie anymore.[15] Let's be honest though, it's practically impossible for him to live a week without lying.


Money issuesEdit

Isai often claims that he has issues with money, usually when questions are asked about Isailand.

  • Isai claims that his mom took all of his Christmas money to spend on groceries.
  • Despite supposedly purchasing a host (which later turned out be a lie), Isai somehow didn't have $26 for a Minecraft account.
  • After Isai lost Isailand, a suggestion was made to cancel his Club Penguin membership to pay for another server to host it. However, after he supposedly did so, he claims that his mom used the money from it to pay the phone bill instead.


PC/PE serverEdit

A while after Isailand was replaced by Memeworld, Isai claimed to be making another Minecraft server that would be compatible with both PC and pocket edition. Despite EDFan12345 telling him that this wasn't possible, Isai claimed that apparently it was. Nobody believed him, but out of sheer curiosity asked him about the server later. Every time he was asked, he said that he "forgot" about it and that it would be up soon.

A few months later, Isai claimed that the server was up for a month but nobody noticed that he told them.[16] When EDFan tried to go on the server, the server was down because of several convenient issues.[17]

Programming skillsEdit

Isai claims to be fluent in several programming languages, from Python to Java. He claims to have reprogrammed AndChat (an IRC client for Android devices) and to have created a bot.[18]


Selling IsainodeEdit

Isai claimed that he sold the Isainode domain,[19] but after Chill called him out for not being able to spend $9 on an MC server, he admitted that he cancelled it.[20]


Isai's skyscraper is apparently located in Chicago that is 56 floors high. Isai has an apartment on the 39th floor. Once Isai claimed that the apartment had 84 floors although later he dismissed it as a lie and actually lived on the 39th floor.[21][22][23] Later, he claimed that the skyscraper itself was a lie and that he actually lives in the suburbs.[24]


Isai occasionally jokes around about suing others.


The talkEdit

Isai claims that he had "the talk" when he was only 5 years old.[25]


Voting on NEWSELAEdit

Isai supposedly voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election by using NEWSELA, despite not being old enough to vote.[26] After some quick research by Mario, it was discovered that the site was merely a mock election to prepare students for voting.

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