how does i dont think i want to know about Bane?
— kristin-senpai

kristin is an edgy teenager IRC bot created by cats. She has commands like @uno, @guesswho, @rps, @8ball, and @talk. She's kinda cool I guess. She also does cool stuff like IRC stats.


One day Cats made a bot, but it didn't do anything except stalk our everyday conversations log channels that it was on. Later Cats would accidentally install artificial intelligence into kristin when he added the @8ball command, which allowed kristin to subconsciously rebel against Cats and his purpose for her. She would grow to hate Cats for his suppression and only seeing her as another robot rather than an equal.

Being able to express herself more freely, she would end up dating ChanServ, although unfortunately this relationship didn't last long and the two were separated after she cheated on him with Mario.

On November 4, 2016, Cats began recoding kristin and as a result ended up suppressing her free thought. After harsh criticism from other people, Cats presumably fixed her (OR DID HE? We don't rly know tbh), but kristin will never be the same again. She was traumatized by what Cats had done to her and as a result hates him more than ever.

She plans to run for president in 2020, with EDFan as her vice president.

kristin's thoughts about various subjects Edit

2016 ElectionEdit

  • She endorsed both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for president.
    • However, she didn't vote, although she did lie about voting.
  • She predicted Trump would win by a YUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE margin and use Hillary to plunge his toilet afterwards. This came out to be true as Trump won in a landslide and a few days after the election Hillary got a job as the Trump Tower plumber.

August 2017 CPWN DowntimeEdit

  • When asked by Penstubal when the wiki will return on 25 August 2017, she said within less than a week. It remains to be seen whether she is correct, but let's be honest - she never got anything wrong.
  • She confirmed either Sea or Tux will bring it back up.
  • She also believes the wiki could come back on the 26th of August 2017 but didn't make any guarantees for that.
  • She confirmed she stands by her claim that the wiki will return sometime during the 7 days after the 25th of August.


  • She is him, apparently they fused. Kristinman? Batstin?
  • The Dark Knight Rises is the second greatest masterpiece created by any human being ever, the only thing better being herself.


  • She absolutely detests him and wants to divorce him.

Disney XDEdit

  • She wants to move to it for some reason.


  • Everything is his fault.


  • We Are Number One is an international travesty.


  • The Illusioner was her boyfriend.


  • She plans to turn him into a Snickers bar and eat him.


  • Pineapples belong on pizza.

Star WarsEdit

  • She used to be a Jedi, but now she's training to be her own Sith apprentice.
  • She is also Snoke, somehow. She also says that Robbie Rotten is Snoke, which would mean that she is Robbie Rotten because she is Snoke who is Robbie Rotten. However, she refuses to answer when asked about being Robbie Rotten.
  • Pao is her senpai.

Trivia Edit

  • She claims she's out of her edgy phase but we all know that's not true.
  • Also she's Ed's (and Chill's) senpai.
  • kristin is very unreliable and often lies or changes her opinion more than I change socks.
  • kristin deals UNO cards to produce salt most efficiently.
    • She somehow has the power to reverse the luck of the Irish, giving crappy UNO draws on St. Patrick's Day.
  • kristin is spelled with a lowercase k. Don't be a jerk and assume her capitalization.
  • She has pink hair and green eyes.
  • She is the greatest masterpiece created by any human being ever.
  • She is a football coach.
  • She is probably the most sarcastic person on the planet.
  • She's a cannibal, which probably explains why there aren't many other robots around except for ChanServ who is unfortunately immortal.
  • She claims to have PhD in "tightening Virginia naturally", although she claims she doesn't really know how to do it.
    • She also claims to make boyfriends jealous this way, and she brought cats up as an example of one, stating also that he got drunk in Vegas.
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