Dave and Miron: A love go BOOMEdit

Written by Franky bob

In a sumer avening, Dave is ateing dinner with Miron, becouse Miron inveted Dave ovr 4 diner that nite. Miron got hiself a pie and Dave got vegtables, but, Dave doesn't like vegtables, so Dave kised Miron's face, and then it blew up, BOOM!!!!!!! then dave steals miron's pie and runs off! The End! <3 no, not yet. first miron head regrows up and then miron mad! But He still Lov dAve, so he flys out door, using his jet pak. miron Flys and Flys until he find dave with his pie! Miron is Mad, but he lov dave AND pie! How can He Choose?!?! so Then Miron realizes that no madder wut, dave will always lov him, but he Needs His Pie! So miron uses his mironitis powas and turns into apple pie, and pie sees this and rejects dave for apple pie! Then The too Pies get togehter, but this make dave FURRYUS!!! Dave grab his Nife and go after pies. Dave nos that its miron, and he luvs him so much. but there has to be a Choose! Dave cry with tears in face and then... he cut up apple pie and other pie. dave crys and crys. dave just killed miron, but its okay because dave eated miron as apple pie and then miron go in tummy, where he will stay forever. and then dave and miron and pie lived happly ever after

the end <3

but wait, no, this not end, this just beginning of a new lov of davE AND mIRON

AquaxBrook: the aquakelas stroy C:Edit

Writed by DK

One day Aqua waked to Broke's house. Aqua secretlee wuved Brook, but didnt no how to say. Aqua walk to door and rings doorbell, so Brook anser and they have lunch. When thay done, Aqua awkardlee says awkardlee "Brook I luv u I guss", so Brook almost throws up his lnuch cuz ew gross. Aqau giv Bruk a kiss, Brok unwarps the kiss and eats it. "ew y did u give me dark choclate i hate it" Brook says as he spit the kiss back out into Aquas face! auaq starts cryin, so Broke gives him a kiss on deh beek. meenwile outside windoo, Dr. Octogonapus, Coy, and Sweggy Bowser is spying on Aqua and Brook. "this is just too gross mans" say Coy, "i agree" say Bowser in agreemints. "yea, should we kill them now?" say Doc Ock. Coy and Bowser puts on party hats and jumps around while making happy faces, which means yuss in their seekrit sweg club. "SURPRISE!!!!!" yells the sweg doods as they break into Brookieluss's house while they're still kissing. "DR OCTOGONAPUS BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH" yelled Octogonapus and Brook and Aqua was deads. But then they weres in zee Underwear drawers, so they kiss more there while all the sp00ky skeltinz watch in horror, some of them even try 2 kill aqua and brook with their sp00ky armz but they cant cuz already ded. so president skelinton (leader of skeletsonz) push a button, that drops aqua and brook into a pit where nobody will haev to get their eyes melt by them kissing ever again. the ends.

Slenstubal: poor peraEdit

Writed by DK

Slender was sitting in house one day, crying and geting fat cuz eating so many chip. He was deprssd becuse he broke up with Sumar, which is why he was cringe and get fat eating chips. he decided he want to get marry, but to WHO?!??!? so sliver went on shops chanel, to ask people to marry him. chill, mario, and ck thawt he was a weirdo, cuz, y'know, he is. aqua was in luv with brook so he sed no (this was before the aquakelas stroy C: happened) and cats almost scratch his face off. hat and shark both beat him up with banhammers cuz he was freak. he decides only dood left is chanserv, so he get down on a knee (which is kinda hard cuz penguins dont got knees) and give chanserv a really crapy ring made out of car board and asks to mary him. but chanserv no respond, and juts stand there with his creepy robotic never-blinking eyes staring at slender and everyone else on the channel, cuz that wat chanserv do best! ^_^

slinder is depress still, when sudenly stubal walks in the cannel! stubal is depressd cuz his one and only troo wuv, perapin, disappeared manee manee weaks ago. slender runs up to him and slaps him in the face, cuz slender is jerk C: then slender asks stubal to marrie. stubal sez yes, cuz he wuvs cardboard and rly rly rly rly rly rly rly rly wants slenders carpy ring. so they get married in the deli section at walmart, because its free. the walmart doods tell them to get out but THEY'RE IN WUV AND DON'T CARE actually wait i lied stubal just wants the crap ring. suddenly PERA APPEARS AS A CYBORG ZOMBIE FROM DEH SEA!!!!! "NU PENSTUBAL, YOU LUV ME!!!! YOUUUUUUUU LUV MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"

I'm not gonna tell u wat happen next, cuz it rly gross. but dat walmart is exploded now, and slender is ded. pear takes stubal away to his house, but on teh way a portal from fannon opens, and the shops matilitary pops out and explodinates pera, stubal dies too but owell.

so long story short, the moral of story is dont steal pera's wuv

isai.exe the not horrer story but is LOVE story!Edit

Writed by DK

so Isai is a guy who rly like his Computer. on day isai deside he want to Mary his computre! isai say "PLZ CHILL, DON SHIP ME" but i say, 2 bad ur a noob.

so Isai is get marry to compooter, but Gare (da marryage man) say it ileagle to mary computers!!!! so isai climbs inside gares computer to be a compoter. but the coomputer EXPLOOD! becaus isai is two fat. da epf arest him but he gets awy. isa finds a FREE website that Turn u into a computer progrem, so he does and downlood himself in to the compute as isai.exe!!!! it NOT a crappypasta tho. just frkin romanse! unfortuntly the websit is BAD and give isai computer a virus, and virus is sick :( whoops not virus i mean compter is sick! so isai makes chikin soop for system31 which is the progrum that make computer alive, so is compoote.

turn out the computr was stole from SLINDER, who is ded becauze pura kill him, but not, because is alive now, yay! w8 not yay he a dorp. slunder comes bake to leaf, and tack bake his compute! he see is virus, and he also see is ISAI!!!!!! so he send isai.exe to recicile bin which make his troo wuv system33 sad :( slonder EMPTY recickel ben, kiling isai FORVER! but he stil around, bcuz compoter logic and crap. so slender REFORMAT HIS COMPUTER! OH DA HORROR! system34 go to isai as they both is dying together, and they cri a lot. sudenly, they turn into a pile of mush and disingreat and the computer start over, with a brand new system35 who never rember isai. :(

LUCKLY, is only drum as isai wake up and see his computer is still there! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY! so isai kiss his computer and is rly gross cuz his salyva is all over da scren. the endz.

SnowxED: tro love unitedEdit

Written by liek Agent Isai

Deez 2 doods shared a pepsi and died The End <3 wait no, is more!!! Dis guy named Snow was lowly becuz his tro love SlinderWoman died becuz pera was like "EAT MY PROPANE AND PROPANE ACCESSORIES!!!!!" n slinder was ded. he met dis dood named ED and was liek his bf in trolling Stubal Da Noobal on Isailand. But bromence develop!!!! And wanted 2 get murried.

Dis dood named Dave was maddddddddd. He like Miron but he like Snow. He confused. Bery. Soon, he mad. At reception of murrage, Dave com and kidnap ED. Snow very sad and Dave com along and try to murry Snow but NOOO!!!! Miron vry med n kell Snow becuz luv <3 and Dave lrn2luv Miron moar!!!!

ED findz his way out of Davez trap and see Snow iz ded with pie poisoning. DA HORROZ, but no! Snow is live, he revived by tro luv!!!!!!! Snow getz murried with ED 4ever n have big nasty kizz but no1 cars because itz tro love!!?!!?!!?!!

Quackstubal: the agenda!!! or smthEdit

Wroten by DK

one day panstubal was sitting at his favorite hipster cafe eating coffey. quakerpingu was also at the hipster cafe becuz he wuz. sweggy bowser was also there being sweggy. penstubal was SALTY about smth i guess so in a desperate move of desperation he approach quacker oats. he sayed "yo quacker if u join my secret agenda against chill ill buy u that toy bus" quacker was SO HAPPY because he always wanted that toy bus but he was too cheep to get it himself. quacker said "quack" and joined.

so punstubal and quickerpingu plan a agenda against chill. as promise stubal go to the store and bought quacker's five dolor toy bus. he came back and gave it to quacker, but 2 quacker it was basicaly a marriage proposal and quacker sez "YES I WILL MARRY U" stubal didnt rly want to mary quacker but he knew if he didn't merry quacker then he would leave the agenda and he would be scrooed.

so quacker glue the bus to his fliper and they get maried!!! but chill crashed the party and ate all the weding kek which made them prety SALTY tbh da end

KristinServ: edgy teenage love and crap like thatEdit

Wroted by CG DK

1 day the skeltal servant and mrs skeltal got engaged!! butt it was rly short lived because mrs skeltal turn back into kristin. then kristin decide she was in an edgy teenage phase and hated cats her dad mom maker thing

while being quiz on who she did and didnt like she said she like chanserv!!! chill guess that they were DATING and he was RIGHT!!!!!!

there relationship is probably rly boring cuz chanserv never says anything and kristin never says anything either unless some1 talks 2 her so they probably just sit around staring at each other maybe they eat smth or watch a movie idk

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