because lol I'm never gonna write half of these but to give an idea on some of my ideas and plans


EPF chronicles thingEdit


  • The Ed - Ed
  • Amelia - Ed's partner
  • Doktor - Basically the Gary of Gemini EPF
  • "Changed Daily" - Gives missions to agents, uses codenames - real name never revealed

Your Lucky DayEdit

  • Villain (Lucky Larry) whose superpower is luck
  • Ed & Amelia chase after villain on hoverbikes
  • "Changed Daily" calls Ed asking how chase is going
  • Ed asks if they'll ever manage to capture Lucky Larry
  • Doktor butts in and simply says "No" and that they'd need an agent as lucky as Larry is
  • Larry crashes hoverbike into truck, lands on skateboard that falls out back
  • Rides down street into narrow alleyway
  • Agents crash their hoverbikes into gap, too wide
  • See Larry standing behind secret doorway in the wall, bricks closing
  • Ed asks Amelia if she saw which bricks he pressed; says she did, and shoots wall with her laser gun
  • Breaks hole in door, agents find Larry on a literal mountain of gold bars
  • Larry very nonchalant, welcomes agents to his "humble hideaway"
  • Says how he was hatched the luckiest penguin in Antarctica
  • Ed laughs and challenges him to escape with 20 tons of gold, Larry says he'll escape somehow
  • Says he hates to see Ed go home empty handed again, kisses a coin and tosses it to Ed
  • Coin tumbling down gold bars causes floor to creak, entire mountain and Larry fall through the floor
  • Just happened to be an empty train traveling underneath, every gold bar caught
  • "Well that was jolly lucky."
  • Amelia chases after, asks how lucky he feels now and says being short isn't very lucky
  • Train passes under a signal, Amelia knocked off while Larry is fine

  • Back at EPF Tower, Doktor says the mission was a complete success
  • In possession of coin Larry kissed, his super lucky DNA is in surface
  • "That's really really great Doktor, but why am I in a tube"
  • Doktor explains that now he can give Ed the lucky gene to make him just as lucky as Larry
  • Tube mixes him with goop like a blender, Ed collapses on the floor
  • Back in the briefing room, "Changed Daily" congratulates team and says that for the most uptight reasons of security that his name must be changed daily
  • Looks at his phone and sighs, it says "Puffle Wuffle" - Agents & Doktor laugh
  • Doktor says to meet the EPF's luckiest agent, Ed
  • Puffle Wuffle says that Ed is now the only penguin in Antarctica to be able to defeat Larry wherever he may be
  • Amelia asks how they know if Ed really is lucky when Ed's phone rings
  • Larry accidentally calls wrong number and gives away plan - Ed is lucky to get it
  • Ed impersonates Larry's mother, Larry says he was voted king of the Warmslates and has entered every election on the continent
  • He's going to become the most powerful penguin in Antarctica through sheer luck
  • Doktor says that's how Ed is going to stop him

  • Ed and Amelia jump on a hoverbike, Puffle Wuffle says there is no point in wishing them good luck, Ed already has it
  • Doktor says it'll wear off in 12 hours, gives them lucky spray for when that happens
  • Agents land on Penguiki Island, Larry is there on the beach
  • "What a stroke of luck, the first beach we checked" as the two waddle up
  • Makes fun of Amelia, then says oh that's lucky as a giant wave crashes on the beach and blows them away
  • Larry is lucky and lands in his upside down umbrella - Ed surprises him and is on top of the pole
  • Ed closes the umbrella, there is a rowboat next to him - that was lucky
  • A whale surfaces with Larry on top - that was lucky
  • Blows water out of its blowhole, Larry thrown into the air - that was lucky
  • Lands in the back seat of a plane flying overhead - that was lucky
  • Plane runs out of gas - that was lucky
  • Several hours later, Amelia reading magazines on the beach
  • Ed and Larry still fighting and saying how lucky they are in the background
  • Amelia gets fed up and tells them to stop driving her crazy
  • Later that night, Ed challenges Larry to a coin toss
  • Tails, Ed takes him into EPF custody
  • Heads, Larry becomes ruler of Antarctica
  • Coin tosses, lands on its side
  • Almost immediately, Ed is crushed by an anvil and coin falls to heads
  • Luck wore off, Amelia runs over to spray him with lucky spray before a second anvil falls and knocks her down
  • Spray is stuck, continues spraying everything - bystanders nearby start getting incredibly lucky
  • Larry upset that it's not "fun" when everyone else is as lucky as he is, handcuffed by Amelia

  • Back at briefing room, Puffle Wuffle is debriefing agents
  • Turns out every single penguin in Antarctica became as lucky as Larry, wore off after 12 hours
  • Because everyone was equally as lucky, it cancelled out and went back to normal
  • "There is no point in the world being equally lucky"

MEANWHILE IN SPACE (might not include in story)

  • Literally like 30 asteroids all narrowly miss the Earth - that was lucky

Shadow NinjasEdit

  • EPF arrests random criminals, recovers artifacts stolen
  • Definitely ninja, but not any of the ones at the Dojo
  • "Oh well, we'll figure it out later" and puts them all in lockup
  • Random agent on guard duty, base is ghost town at night
  • Sees movement in corner of his eye, thinks shadows are moving
  • Occasional other agents teasing him about being afraid of dark - think it's nothing
  • Agent starts falling asleep, goes to mess hall to get coffee
  • Turns light on, sees shadow ninja for split second before it disappears
  • Freaks out, wakes up other characters in the process
  • Says he saw a shadow ninja, nobody believes him
  • "Maybe I'm just seeing things" and goes back to guard duty
  • Hears noises again, starts freaking out for real
    • "It's nothing it's nothing it's nothing it's nothing"
  • Sees shadow ninja again, freaks out for real and tries to zap it with laser gun
  • Zap gets absorbed by shadow energy thing
  • Lights flicker out for a second, when they come back two more ninjas
  • Get closer to agent who thinks they're going to do something to him
  • One ninja reaches forward and just grabs his ID card, uses it to get into lockup
  • Retrieves ninja artifacts and disappear when lights flicker again
  • Leave black card-jitsu card - shadow element

The Tunnelers AttackEdit

  • Random button in EPF headquarters that nobody knows what it does
  • Debate back and forth convincing Ed to push the button or not
  • Ed pushes it, immediately gets yelled at
  • EPF Tower enters "drill mode", starts drilling entire base down 200 meters
  • Falls into cave system, entire building intact
  • Doktor vaguely remembers something about 200 meters deep, figures it's nothing
  • Movement detected outside of base (Aliens reference?)
  • Doktor figures out what was so bad about 200 meters, screams about Tunnelers and to put base on lockdown
  • Explains Tunnelers, creatures that can disguise themselves as penguins
    • Indistinguishable from the real thing
    • When changing disguise, shed original disguise like snake skin
  • Cat and mouse game about few Tunnelers that entered base, disguising as other agents
  • Accusing others of being Tunnelers, throwing several innocent agents in jail

Needs more development


Return of the Shadow NinjasEdit

Hero's Journey (Perfekta Story)Edit

The Interloper (Borderworld Story)Edit

  • Criminal breaks into SCIENCE INCORPORATED and steals some high-tech gizmos
  • Scientist called in morning, no triggered alarms
  • EPF on the scene, Ed rolls up on hoverbike
  • Components stolen include incomplete hyperdrive meant for a future Jupiter expedition
  • "So you're telling me he managed to break in, enter the vault, and steal a 20 thousand pound piece of equipment? All without setting off a single alarm?"
  • "Yes that's right, agent"
  • Review security cam footage, masked man appears to teleport into vault, place a device on the hyperdrive, and teleport out.
  • Scientist says it's not possible to teleport in, vault is a Faraday cage and does not have a teleportation beacon for spy phones
  • Ed questions what on earth someone would do with a piece of equipment as powerful as a hyperdrive
  • Scientist notes that drive wouldn't work on the Earth's surface due to the strong gravity well preventing it from charging, ruling out its use as a "hyperspace bomb"
  • Further search uncovers no evidence leading to the perpetrator, Ed leaves a handful of agents to watch over the laboratory for the next few days if something comes up

  • Back at the EPF Tower, Ed is still concerned
  • Doktor states that only an extremely powerful device could teleport someone into a specific location like that
  • Spy phones immediately ruled out, short-range teleporters only work with a beacon to target
  • Strange radiological signatures from the lab being studied, Doktor can't quite make out what they mean and says he would need a more recent teleportation to figure it out.
  • Ed scoffs at this, saying there's no way they could predict where this penguin would teleport to next
  • Loud bang sound and lights immediately flicker, alarms ruing and agents say it's coming from the lockup
  • Ed grabs his laser pistol and leads several agents to the lockup, opens blast doors with retina scanner
  • "FREEZE!" and every agent points their laser gun at penguin inside
  • Same penguin from SCIENCE INCORPORATED, wearing space suit that looks straight out of a Planet X play
  • Gives a side look towards the agents before teleporting in a green blast with several crates
  • When Ed and agents look again, only a similar blast mark on the ground
  • Doktor runs in with some science gadget, scans mark along with every other object in the room
  • "These readings are incredible!"..."This explains why he can go where nobody in Antarctica can teleport to. He's not teleporting from Antarctica at all!"

ENDING TIES INTO KERMITITY WAR! (Exit teleport lands him in Chill Island after MM is destroyed?)

The Roast of The EdEdit

  • Ed faced against Dr. Screwball, mischievous member of LoVE
  • Through a series of events, Screwball hosts the first official Roast of The Ed
  • EPF, LoVE, Ed's friends (Chill/Penquino/Mario?/idk who else) attend, various cameo lines
  • Ed wears sunglasses and smiles through the entire thing, occasionally chuckles or shakes his head
  • Starts out fairly lighthearted bantz, ends up turning genuinely mean and hurtful
  • Roast ends, "wow Ed you took that like a pretty good sport"
  • He takes off his sunglasses, revealed to be super upset and gets angry and leaves

Needs development

  • Ed discovers all of those who attended the roast were being mind controlled by Screwball

Determined to Destroy Us (Spy Story)Edit

Needs further development

  • Characters:
  • Thomas Ziegler - Ed Islandian spy, protagonist,
  • Rosemary - Puffish spy, secondary protagonist, Ziegler's eventual companion and partner
  • Vasily - Ruscan spy, secondary antagonist, eventually revealed by Ziegler to Snoss
  • Swiss Ninja - Side character, only occasional appearances
  • Java Ghent - Side character, only occasional appearances
  • Set in 2011/12, before Snoss imperialism & conquering Puffle'and
  • Ziegler sent to Snowzerland for general espionage, particularly weapon projects
  • Disguised as Snoss Army sergeant Anton Kriege, infiltrates Snoss military
  • After delivering data to Ed Islandian pickup, gets contacted by Snoss commander - asks Ziegler/Kriege to investigate espionage
  • Ziegler uncovers huge spy web, spies from Puffle'and, Antarctica, Rusca, Yow etc
  • Meets Rosemary, Puffish spy - says their countries are supposed to be allies and doesn't reveal her.
  • She says she knows of a pilot who wants to defect, supposedly has information on "something" the Snoss are developing
  • Two keep in touch, says she will get the pilot to Ziegler to escape.

needs a connection

  • Pilot appears, wearing advanced black flight suit
  • "What kind of pilot are you anyways?"
  • Ziegler asks if pilot has experience with fulton extraction - deploys balloon before pilot can reply.
  • Several days later Ziegler/Kriege summoned along with other Snoss officers to a special briefing
  • Will attend an event to "Demonstrate the might of the Kaiser"
  • News of Swiss Ninja being crowned King of Puffle'and, Rosemary in shock
  • Rest of the royal family fleeing to dominions, Calada/Austiceia/Hindia nominally independent
  • Spy ring potentially compromised, Zielger promises she could get amnesty in Ed Island
  • Fears proven true, Ziegler/Kriege told to hunt down a list of suspected Puffish spies
  • Learning of TIE Fighter's existence, securing schematics?
  • Discovering early Star Destroyer models under construction (5-600m range, NOT ISD, Vindicator/Immobilizer?)
  • Ending: Cover blown, Ziegler & Rosemary driving to pickup spot to escape
  • Tailed by other Snoss units near Geneva, gunfight erupts trying to shoot jeep
  • Nearly make it to extraction point, pursuing Snoss soldier produces rocket launcher and fires at jeep

Shops Ruins (Post apoc short story)Edit

  • 1 year after Shops Civil War
  • Ed Island & co quarantine Shops Island, naval blockade and no-fly zone
  • Small NBC units deployed searching for survivors or other important things, secure mostly intact parts of Shops City and Vonkouver

Futuretech War (2030s)Edit

  • Space elevator attacked by unknown enemy
  • Advanced aircraft and drone technology
  • Eventually determined to be ZITHIA remnants but controlled by something bigger
  • Antarctica secretly controlled by AI, real court disbanded several years prior
  • AIs housed in satellite network, relatively untouchable.

Misc IdeasEdit

Shadow NinjasEdit

  • Super secretive, step above normal ninjas
  • Shadow-based powers:
    • Transform into shadows to move around, 2D across surfaces
    • Control other peoples' shadows
    • Shoot shadow blasts - cannot "create" shadow, must repurpose others, acts as boomerang and returns to where it was taken from
    • Absorb shadows into energy
    • Cloak entire areas in darkness
  • Best of the best ninjas, very few in existence
  • Guard the Chamber of Masters & ninja relics, destruction gem

Chamber of MastersEdit

  • Based on CJ party Ninja Headquarters - areas for all elements
  • Acts as vault for powerful ninja artifacts
    • Armor, weapons, relics, etc
    • Destruction gem
  • Accessible by ninjas who master all three elements
  • Entrance in Ninja Hideout, amulet carving is an illusion
    • Amulet with all three gems acts as key, breaks illusion and allows master ninjas to enter
  • Guarded by shadow ninjas

High Penguin ConfederacyEdit

  • Divide into early (Kuruk and Finwë) and late (Ulmag) HPC
  • Early was a pretty good place, "classic" fantasy etc etc
  • Late was more skewed against Lesser Penguins, feudalism and all that
  • Early didn't control all of Antarctica; other small kingdoms existed which were annexed over time