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Penstubal first joined the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki in July 2012. His first edits, and he admits it himself, were very noobish and as soon as that was noticed, Bro was quoted saying how Penstubal is a noob.

In 2013 he joined Club Penguin Shops and later became friends with Snowstormer and Miron. Miron seemed to influence how Snowstormer and Penstubal behaved, and the three were labelled the Dorp Trio by Chill, Mario and CK and constantly fought with them and other admins on the network.

In late 2014, CK, Mario, and Stubal started playing factions on Minecraft and their rivalry grew more than ever. CK and Stubal would constantly fight on factions. In the Summer of 2015, CK bought Minecraft for Chill, who quickly ran into conflict with Stubal nearly every day on the server of Skogkatten.

List of ConflictsEdit

The Pig and the Office (March 2015)Edit

Factions - Gift for Freezeguy

Factions - Gift for Freezeguy

The destruction of Stubal's office and flag filmed by Duke.

In late 2014 and early 2015, Penstubal, Duke, and Mario were in factions together. Stubal and Duke often fought, such as when Duke killed Stubal's pig, Mr Wiggles. Before he could replace it, Stubal retaliated by blowing up Duke's office which killed all of Duke's wolves in the process except Scooby. Duke proceeded to kick Stubal out of the faction and dismantle his office, with all of his personal possessions being dumped into the faction's storage. Afterwards, he burned down the flag that Stubal built above Mr Wiggles' grave.

The Trolls Begin (July 2015)Edit


Chill and Mario in Stubal's house after trolling it for the first time.

The trolls began the first day Chill got Minecraft and went onto SkogKatten with Mario. While exploring the server, Chill trolled Stubal by putting blocks in his house.

For a while, Stubal would come to Chill's house and annoy him, such as placing blocks and killing him (which would often cause Chill to retaliate). Eventually this stopped when they made a treaty, and later they protected their houses with ores.

However, that small event of placing blocks in each other's house and killing each other resulted in even bigger conflicts rising up after those. For a long time after that, Chill and Stubal would troll each other almost daily, and soon other users joined in the trolling.

Minigame saltiness (since July 2015)Edit

Stubal often gets salty when Chill, Duke, or Mario beat him in Super Smash Mobs, accusing them of targeting and teaming, and in the case of Chill, camping and being a coward. If it ever comes down to Chill or Duke vs. somebody else, he will almost always cheer for the other player, except for rare occasions when the other player is someone he is mad at. Stubal also sometimes gets angry at Chill in other games, such as One in the Quiver and Sheep Quest, but not nearly as often.

On Stubal's realm, he got mad during Pizza Spleef whenever Chill would create an island where nobody could reach him, and would often threaten to shut down the realm or kick Chill. Chill and Duke also played against Freeze in a game called CastleRise, the two sides often got mad at each other and debated the score, usually because the game became laggy and strange things happened.

Factions hostilities (July 2015-October 2015)Edit

Freeze has gotten mad at Chill on a few occasions while playing factions.


  • A suspicious and recently made strip mine was found on Galactica's island. Chill decided to have fun with this and pretend to be another user on the island who got mad after Galactica started tearing down their property on the island. After they decided to leave CryMC, Chill revealed that he was pulling these pranks and Freeze got mad at him.
  • After stealing Freeze's journal, Chill accidentally threw it into fire when he tried to give it back to Freeze.


  • When Chill, Mario, and Freeze started the faction, Freeze disliked Chill's plans and got mad at him, telling him how he wasn't fit to be a leader and that he knew nothing about factions. After this, Chill and Mario decided to make Freeze the leader of the faction to see what would happen.
  • When TheParty's base was blown up (suspected to be an inside job), Freeze instantly blamed Chill for doing it.
  • Some time after the attempted revival of TheParty, Freeze got mad at Chill for some reason and banned him from the faction. Chill didn't care because he didn't go on MineofCraft in a long time anyway. He is most likely still banned from the faction (if it even exists anymore).

The Strad Conflict (early August 2015)Edit

Sometime in August, Mario got a Strad disc. He auctioned it to Chill and Freeze, who ended up bidding a lot of their riches on it. However, Mario never finished tallying the results.

They later decided they would brawl at the Sleepover to win the disc. After several rounds, they decided to do a sudden death round on platforms outside the Sleepover. Chill eventually won, but Freeze killed him and stole the disc anyway and then logged off. Chill got mad and decided to prank Freeze by putting signs in his yard accusing him of being a disc stealer. EDFan also built a giant statue of a thing in the mountains near Freeze's house. The next day, Chill came on to find his yard was griefed by Freeze and EDFan.

Chill came up with a compromise that could make them both happy, and suggested that they should put it in the newly-built SkogKatten Museum. Freeze agreed, and Chill also made a jukebox for the museum so they could listen to it anytime they wanted.

Riverside Wall Conflict (August 15th, 2015)Edit

TuxxedoCat protected his house from Freeze cause Freeze was goofing around. Freeze took Tux's isolation from Riverside very seriously and threatened to block his access to the other side of Riverside in case he doesn't unprotect his house or add Freeze to the permissions list. Tux refused to accept and Freeze erected a wall between the two sides of Riverside, after which the Riverside War began. Chill, Mario and EDFan12345 intervened against Freeze and stated it is pointless to make a wall just because Freeze didn't get to edit Tux's property.

Freeze then protected the entire area surrounding the wall, well into Tuxxedo's side of the valley. This outraged Tux and Chill who demanded he falls back with his protection by around 10 blocks. Freeze refused. Freeze announced he will kill anyone supporting Tux who crosses the wall into his side of the valley. Eventually, the three agreed to back down and restore friendly relations, resulting in Freeze tearing down the wall, officially ending the Riverside Wall Conflict, technically resulting in Chill and Tux's victory, but which Penstubal still to this day, in contrast to all facts, claims as a victory of his own.

Tree Prank (mid-August 2015)Edit

One of the rules Freeze made for Riverside was that chopping trees was not allowed. Mario decided to troll Freeze by placing saplings all over Riverside which would eventually turn it into a forest. Ed, Chill, and CK helped too until Riverside was covered in trees. The next day, Freeze retaliated by vandalizing Chill's shack and forcing him to cut down all the trees.

Birthday Prank (August 24th, 2015)Edit

For Stubal's birthday, Duke decided to troll him by filling his house with cake with Chill's help. This was one of the few trolls in history that Stubal reacted positively to.

Cola Wars (late August 2015-September 2015)Edit

In order to fill the gap left by Kenn confiscating all of the Nuka Cola on SkogKatten, Chill brewed potions in his house and decided to create a drink bearing the name Epic Cola. Freeze, as usual desiring superiority over his opponent, decided to quickly work on creating his own potions as well and created a new drink called Ice Cola. They would quickly produce tons of such potions and sell them to people, both claiming theirs was better, but the competition ended when Skogkatten unfortunately and unexpectedly closed.

First Tower Battle (early September 2015)Edit

The new spawn was created around the 1st of September. Freeze and Chill were having fun killing each other, and after a while Freeze built a cobble pillar up to the sky. Chill followed soon after, attacked Freeze and stole his pillar. Then Freeze stole his pillar occupied by Chill, built higher and made a fortress on top of the pillar. Chill bribed Mario with a diamond block to joining against Freeze. They all fought, there were many deaths, but in the end Freeze managed to claim the entire fort, kick both out, and eventually kill both. Chill conceded defeat to Freeze.

Freeze took Chill's stuff after he died, and gave all of them back except Chill's prized The Joker. He secretly cooperated with Mario to hide The Joker away from Chill, because The Joker was enchanted with knockback 20, and it was very annoying and powerful, so much that both Mario and Freeze began to hate it (especially Mario, who was killed at level 30 with it several times). The truth was finally told to Chill around early November 2015, two months from the tower battle. Mario also planned to give The Joker back if Chill didn't kill him for a week, but Skog closed before he could.

Tree Chopping Competition (September 2015)Edit

Around the beginning of September, Freeze messed around the Kingdom of Tamriel's territory on Skogkatten.

Chill was so frustrated he killed him, and Freeze killed him too, and Chill banned him claiming it's an assassination. Freeze claimed otherwise and that it was revenge for murdering him. Chill refuses to accept it and continued announcing Freeze's ban. Freeze demanded he withdraw that and claimed he has no right to ban him from the kingdom; Kenn and CK then suggested they do a tree-chopping competition. Freeze and Chill accepted the challenge and they both went on to axe-match. If Freeze wins, he gets a cat. Chill would get the right to ban Freeze from the kingdom.

So the competition began; Kenn made a scoreboard which he hid soon after the match started. The match was supposed to last 30 mins, from 9:00 PM CET to 9:30 PM CET. At around 9:10 PM, the leaderboard was shown and it showed Chill in the lead with around 3500 logs, with Freeze only 1000. Most people there were convinced Chill was going to win. Then at 9:20 PM, the board showed Chill still in the lead, with 6000 logs but Freeze facing him with around 5000. The final scoreboard show at 9:25 PM, before the last, showed Freeze in the lead with around 7500 logs and Chill around 7000. The final scoreboard show at 9:30 PM showed Freeze with around 8500 logs and Chill around 7000, thus giving Freeze the victory and the ocelot. Freeze's victory came out as a real surprise to Kenn, CK and Chill, and Freeze himself.

Factions "War" (September 2015)Edit

Chill and Freeze agreed to have a factions war on the Worldbuscus server. Mario, CK, and EDFan joined Chill's faction, while Chunky joined Freeze's faction. During the search for a base, Freeze and Chunky had to go, while Chill and Mario continued on. Eventually, they found a spot and a base was built. However, they later found out that Freeze didn't want to do the war anymore, and Chill's faction quit the server.

Spawn Battles (late October 2015)Edit

The two had a series of battles on Criz throughout late October, in front of spawn. They made cobble structures and practically vandalized the spawn's front. They fought a fierce war which Freeze won in the end, taking 2 diamonds home with him.

Constant trolling on Isailand (December 2015-January 2016)Edit


Vynland after melon bombing.

Chill and Freeze (and later also Tux) have been involved in a bunch of incidents during which both Chill and Tux have been banned from Vynland multiple times. Freeze also used to be outraged by Chill burning his heads in lava, and later also his flag being burned, but doesn't really care anymore. Chill and Tux constantly troll Freeze's base to tick Freeze off. In January 2016, they started using WorldEdit to troll Vynland.

Freeze usually retaliates by trolling the Illuminati Kingdom and sometimes Chill's house. He is also banned from the Illuminati Kingdom, but keeps flying in anyway and making messes which annoys Chill.

As a result of many, many battles on Isailand, Freeze constantly called Chill a "melonhead". From being a mere insult, the term "melonhead" grew into vandalizing someone's place with tons of melons, the first time being when nearly everyone on the server spammed melons in Vynland. Since December 20th, 2015, Freeze uses the term "melon war" to describe bombing someone's base with tons of melons.

Eventually, the trolling slowed down and mostly stopped by the end of January 2016.

Desert Fort Challenges (December 2015)Edit

Mario built a fort in the desert which he said he would give away to the first person who teleported to him. After he finished it, Chill teleported to him but Freeze complained because he was AFK when Mario announced it and demanded a rematch. Mario held several challenges which Chill kept winning, and Freeze kept demanding rematches. Eventually Chill won but got sick of Freeze's whining and gave him the fort.

Vynland copies and war with Tux (January 2016)Edit


A copy of Vynland.

A new way that Chill and Tux have found to troll Freeze is to copy Vynland and paste it somewhere else, usually in the air. Freeze claims that is basically stealing the work he worked on for several weeks. Chill and Tux denied that, and claimed Freeze had absolutely no power over the copies. Freeze responded by banning Chill and Tux from the kingdom.

After those events and huge arguments, this led to a war between Freeze and Tux when Freeze closed off the main gate of Sunflower Kingdom which led to Vynland, and Tux immediately demanded Freeze stops. Freeze refused, and Tux immediately started reverting what he considered Freeze's vandalism. He said he would remove the path, but Freeze tried to stop him. Tux made multiple attempts to remove the gate and its flags, but to no avail.

Then Tux said he would remove his embassy in Vynland, in the Freeze Tower building, but Freeze killed him every time he entered Vynland and tried to remove furniture in the building. Tux went too far in this process of attempting to remove his embassy. Others around, especially Ed, demanded this conflict be stopped. Tux eventually just used worldedit to empty his office, killing several things in the process and lagging the server a bit. Ed put his foot down and banned Tux from the server. Eventually Tux was unbanned and returned to the server, and the conflict ended.

Saltgate Scandal (January 2016)Edit

On January 30th, 2016, elections for a new director started in the region of World Awesome. The candidates were Catsalonia (TuxxedoCat), MakeToBalloonia (Chill57181) and Castrolla (Agent Isai). The next day, however, MakeToBalloonia was found to be involved in a case of bribery with New Nexon (Slender), breaking rule number 1 of the elections. Snowiny (Freezeguy01) immediately ranted at him, and an argument immediately started.

The Unseen Anonymous (Pumaslam) later declared this illegal and prohibited both MakeToBalloonia and Nexon from participating in the elections. TUA later revoked this comment and started an investigation, leading to economic sanctions on both and MakeToBalloonia's ban from participating in these elections.

Nexon, upon hearing his sentence, resigned from World Awesome and founded his own region.

Battle of Puma Arena (February 14th, 2016)Edit

Chill and Freeze wanted to prove who is better at PvPing, so they went to the newly built Puma Arena in Pumaslavia.

During the first few rounds there were ties. At the 4th round, however, Duke joined and was invited to the battle, therefore 3 were involved in the battle. The score at the time was 2-1. After a few battles with Duke (Duke won all of them), Puma kicked out Duke of the game and all the results were nullified, so it turned back to Chill vs Freeze again. The score later became 4-2. Suddenly and surprisingly, Freeze won the next 3 rounds (actually 6 cuz both dodos demanded rematches) and therefore Freeze won 5-4.

The (not really a) Friendship (February 2016 - May 2016) Edit

On February 16th, 2016, the two made a historic deal on becoming friends and ending trolling each other. They previously tried to stop fighting in late December 2016, but they failed after the treaty broke apart after merely 2 days. However, this one lasted a little longer, but it's holding weak, and therefore can be divided into the "Strong Phase" from February 16th, 2016 to March 16th, 2016 and the "Weak Phase" from March 16th, 2016 and to present day.

The peace has been quite strong in its early days, in the first month of its implementation, and the two became friends as they stopped harassing each other. However, it has been noticed they actually haven't even interacted as much or even played Minecraft as much during that month, which may be why it seems that they are friends. Every day, when Chill calls Freeze "a noob" or upsets him JUST a bit, Freeze yells, rants and goes "THIS IS YOUR 113TH VIOLATION".

As of recent, however, their relations started completely collapsing. Freeze accuses Chill to be lying with his "I want us to be friends and to stop fighting" as shortly after he continues trolling him again. Since then, Freeze calls Chill "Lyin' Chill" not only because of this comment of his, but because of how he constantly accuses Freeze for things he claims "are not true". It is possible that in a matter of days it would be official that the two are no longer friends due to recent developments.

The Beetroot Fiasco (March 2016)Edit

While exploring a mineshaft, Freeze found some beetroot seeds and planted them in his farm. Chill harvested them at one point and started his own beetroot farm. Eventually, Freeze found out and demanded that Chill either gave him all his beetroots or destroyed them, because he considered every beetroot stolen since the seeds originated from his farm. Chill agreed to destroy all his beetroots, but secretly only hid them. Eventually, he bought some beetroot seeds from Freeze and started his farm again.

Attacks on Chill's House (March 2016)Edit


An example of removed floors.

A new way that Stubal likes to troll Chill is to WorldEdit his floors away in his house on Memeworld Survival, causing Chill and his wolves to fall into the basement. This irritates Chill because he has to get all his wolves back up once it is fixed. Other troll methods include setting his house on fire, trampling his crops, telling him that his wolves died just to get him online, and using /fireball. Some of these methods especially bother Chill because Stubal has to cheat to use them.

Second Tower Battle (May 14th, 2016)Edit

The Second Tower Battle took place on May 14th, 2016 after Chill challenged Stubal to another tower battle to repeat the previous one from November 2015. Stubal accepted, and the two created their own teams. Pumaslam joined Team Stubal while Mario joined Team Chill. Fierce fighting took place for an hour as the ownership of the tower changed back and forth. Eventually, after 15 minutes of attacking Chill's fortress to no avail, around 10 minutes from before the battle was supposed to officially end (the victor was the one holding the fort by that time), Stubal conceded defeat and both sides recognized Chill had won the battle.

The Scorewar (June 4th, 2016)Edit

The Scoreboard War or the Scorewar could be considered the most deadly, destructive and most horrible conflict in the history of the rivalry.

As of June 4th, 2016, Chill was very close to getting his 1000th death as according to the scoreboard, with him having around 953 deaths with Stubal trailing him by about 40 deaths. Puma then challenged them to a race to 1000 deaths by killing each other and PvPing, and promising a prize to the winner; both agreed.

The battle that would be called Battle for 1000 started when Ed and Mario then joined the fight by killing Chill and sometimes Stubal. Stubal only halfway through the race noticed that it's actually the one getting to 1000 getting a prize, so he got salty and demanded everyone attack him. By the time Chill reached 1000 deaths and became the first in the server to do so, Stubal had around 965 deaths and was therefore unable to catch him up so quickly. However, Mario then suggested they help Stubal get 1000 and Chill wanted him to get as far as 1018 so Stubal surpasses Chill in deaths. This got out of control since Stubal claimed that they wanna bully him for having so many deaths.


What was left after the Battle of Chill's Farm.

He then ranted and attacked them, punched them and pushed them every time they attacked him. When he fled into Chill's farm, however, was a decisive moment in the war as the Battle of Chill's Farm just commenced. Chill and Stubal constantly trampled over the crops and literally the entire farm was completely devastated and destroyed after this battle. Almost all of Chill's wolves, sheep and chicken died in this battle. However, the death that angered Chill the most was the death of the rare skeltal horse, and Chill was so furious he launched an attack against Stubal's house.

The Battle of Stubal's House just commenced and almost the entirety of Stubal's farm as destroyed albeit not on the scale as Chill's farm. However, then, Chill broke into Stubal's house and tried to bomb it. Stubal took one of the Chill's TNTs but failed to take the other one and then he lit the TNT on fire and the house exploded. Stubal then used the TNT he stole from Chill to blow up Chill's storage, which he did. Chill and Stubal then continued having major fights between each other till Tux arrived and deopped both, forcing them to halt this war. Stubal, however, continued attacking as he was salty Chill was trailing him by 3 deaths and therefore Stubal was no. 1 by deaths (which he doesn't want because he thinks people will mock him and bully him). He continued using /kill to get Chill to die a few times, but Tux and Ed kept deopping him and he never did get below Chill again and now he is over 10 deaths ahead of Chill.

The battle ended with a shaky, non-written truce between Chill and Stubal. They realized they can't be friends and that it is impossible for them to be friendly to each other, but that they can just simply not anger each other and annoy each other.

Chill's House on The City (June 27th, 2016)Edit


One of the screenshots posted by Chill.

Shortly after Chill and Stubal rejoined Crizmality (which had recently been reset with a new map and was now called The City) with Duke, Stubal obsessed over seeing Chill's house. Chill refused because Worldguard had not yet been installed and he was expecting Stubal to set a home so he could troll it and/or steal his items. Chill decided to show Stubal screenshots but purposefully took them at bad angles so Stubal couldn't see anything. Chill eventually moved out of his temporary village house and into a new base on a beach, but Stubal eventually found the new one.

Vyngrand (July 27th, 2016)Edit

2016-07-28 13.39.42

ULSK12 decided to troll Stubal by covering his Totembot in 7 GRAND DAD maps. Mario decided to help and they proceeded to put GRAND DAD maps and heads all over Vynland. Chill also helped and renamed Vynland to Vyngrand. The next day, Stubal made Ed remove the maps.

Death of the Scoreboard (July 28th, 2016)Edit

Chill was messing around with his death counter and accidentally gave himself 1000 less deaths when he switched it back. Stubal told him that he put the wrong number back, but Chill was suspicious and didn't believe him. About a week later after arguing with Stubal and looking through screenshots, Chill discovered that Stubal was right, apologized, and added 1000 deaths to his counter.

However, because of the drama that resulted from it, Mario suggested that Ed should remove the scoreboard to reduce the number of future conflicts over it, as well as the fact that it was seemingly useless on a creative server where everyone was an op and could use /suicide or /kill to raise someone's death count. Immediately after the scoreboard was removed, Stubal went into overdrive, complaining that Ed only did it to "appease the others acting like children," calling Chill the devil and calling Ed his puppet, as well as stating "nobody likes Memeworld or its builds" and then begging to be let back on the server an hour later.

In order to calm the situation, Ed tempbanned Stubal for one day until he stopped being angry about the scoreboard. Stubal then took to IRC and opened numerous tabs to try to get around Ed, Chill, and Mario ignoring him, as well as asking Yoshi and Hat to copy his messages for him.

Stubal was unbanned the next day, but was not opped again until two days later.

Spleef Cup 2016 (August 3rd, 2016-August 13th, 2016)Edit

Fanon Administrator Elections (August 2016)Edit

Penstubal decided to run for Administrator of the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki in August 2016, however, his chances were quickly dashed as EDFan12345, a very popular figure, decided to run as well. After EDFan won the election in a landslide and Penstubal barely got any votes, Penstubal got salty and declared the Administration had rigged the election so he wouldn't win, claiming he "barely got +3 votes". Penstubal vented his anger out on CK and Chill57181, arguing they never give him a chance. Bro would then send a YUUUGE rant on Penstubal's talk page and Penstubal immediately backed down and felt remorse for his actions.

"The Troll To End All Trolls" and the Stubal Statues (August 7th, 2016)Edit


The original troll before it was removed

Mario and Stubal got into an argument for some reason, and Stubal told him that he would blame him for any trolls that he found the next day regardless of whether or not he actually did them. Mario and Chill decided to go all-out and do a huge troll in Vynland. Several different ideas for trolls circulated, including copying and pasting ULSK's Stubal statue everywhere, but it was eventually decided that they would do a "nostalgic troll", bringing back the Tree Prank, melon bombing, and the sign prank. Puma also participated and blew up a portion of the Seven Star Grand Hotel.

However, they decided that they went too far with the troll and cleaned up most of it and decided to go with the original idea of spamming Stubal statues. Mario, Chill, and Puma then went to Vynland, Woodland, New Blocky City, and Hillsburg, creating many different statues.

Gigadrill Raffle (October 23rd, 2016)Edit

On Puma's survival server, he told Chill and Stubal that he would hold a raffle for a Gigadrill pickaxe because he didn't really use it. Chill gave Puma more ores than Stubal, therefore getting more entries, and won. Stubal complained that it was rigged and unfair, and Puma eventually gave in and gave Gigadrills to both of them.


  • Chill and Freeze have a rivalry because it just wouldn't be Club Penguin Shops IRC Channel without drama, y'know?
  • Chill and Freeze are both noobs. This is in the trivia because it is fact.
  • Apparently some people are big weirdos and ship Chill and Freeze.
  • Female Chill hates Stubal for being a "transphobic white cis male" and has at least one angry post about him on her Tumblr blog.

The TruthEdit

True Love
Read Chill and Freeze: The Drama: The Love Story Edition: Volume II for the untold truth of Chill and Freeze (SPONSOR)
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