He was the greatest among us. Just knowing that I'm not him makes me want to kill myself.
— Clone Commander Bacara

CT-6666, nicknamed "Sixes," was a clone Trooper who served during the Clone Wars. He was widely regarded as legendary, so much that even the Sith Lord Darth Vader remembered him fondly.


Clone WarsEdit

No! Sixes! But you're not canon!
Check your sources son, I'm as canon as they come.
— Count Dooku and Sixes

During the Clone Wars, Sixes was known to have destroyed more battle droids than any other clone during the war. It was said that mere knowledge that he was present on the battlefield was enough to make droids turn and flee. On more than one occasion he faced General Grievous and slapped him across the face. Legend has it that Count Dooku, notorious for his refusal to beg, did just that when he realized Sixes had come for him; the only reason Sixes didn't execute Dooku was because he felt the Sith wasn't worth his blaster charge.

Order 66Edit

Get lost, Sheev. I don't take orders from you.
Oh, Sixes, I'm so sorry, I didn't know this was your frequency, sir.
— Sixes and Darth Sidious

After Chancellor Sheev Palpatine executed Order 66, Sixes insisted that he did not need to follow this order. Intimidated, Palpatine apologized and cut the connection.

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